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Korea, Seoul Jeju pre trip thoughts

How come I do not have the rush and excitement for Korean trip? I swear it has nothing to do with the people I go with, it is just I felt a great sense of regret soon after I book my air ticket to Korean. First off, I am pissed that I didn't realise that we can do a multi destination booking. While we want to spend most of our time at Jeju island on car rental tour, I fucking go and book a return ticket to Seoul. Meaning that we had to travel to and fro Jeju island from Seoul. I feel lousy. Secondly, I went through some post of the food offered in Seoul is all pork meat and Korean BBQ. I hate BBQ cause it make me fat. So much meat for 2 of us and I just felt sick thinking of the food. Unlike Japan we can have Sushi. Unlike China we could eat funny things like 老鸭粉丝,狗不理包子,麻辣香锅 so on so on. I almost immediately regretted not going to China. I find it so hard sourcing for itinerary in Korean, its all about shopping which I absolutely dislike and the place of interest in Korean

A.I. knows love?

安堂ロイド~A.I. knows LOVE Just finish two japanese drama. I love the  A.I.人工智慧男友 by 木村。i still love japanese drama. And over korean cry dad and mum drama. Japanese tends to be shorter in 10 espiodes average.  Or maybe its because the lead actor and actress are my favorite which i most adore. So handsome and pretty.  Or the drama is about robot just like the US sitcom terminator sarah connor chronicles.  Or maybe is the cute and out of place assist robot? Or because the story is simply too romantic for me? Anyway. Simply loved it.  Story line: Its a story about a professor whom studied in quantum mechanics, believes in faith and love can transcend time. Using his theory he wish to protect the only things that matters to him, his lovely girlfriend even is it mean 100 years later. He was placed under killer list as him surviving will means the robot he creates in the future will come to self realization and destroy the planet, and

Happy new year 2015

My rate of entry is like once every month. Now really got not much to update. Different day but same shit. This month is lunar new year, happy new year 2015 to yang meh meh. Valentine day no one celebrate with me, no chocolate and no flower :(  Thanks ms chin for making time to entertainment me for movies and dinners. Made me have some chance to post update on my blog.  Had coffee at one of my favorable cafe robert tim.  Had a good shop at takka to spee my free taka voucher from sales challenges.  Shop for some nice knife for mum to better prepare her soup. I am having home make soup finally. After so many years for waiting, i finally can go back home for some mode made dinner. Having soup for dinner should prevent me to eat junk food at night.  No one buy me chocolate. I buy for myself. Twenty plus from japan premier choc and they taste like shit.  Had a 40 plus steak. Dunno what cut but i think its just too expensive and do not waorth so much in that kind of setting.  We had this din

I fine thank you, what about you?

Just watch i fine thank you love you, and i really had my ass laughed off. Its a romance comedy and very light hearted with slezzy joke. They have the ost mv of them dancing the popular thai ugly dance.  I just realise the actor filed in bedside detective and the actress filmed in atm rak error. Both i had watched and enjoyed.  I recommend watching with ur thi rak.  Kill me. They are such beauty and beast. I wonder why thai all look so pretty? Icon 2 having some tag me event and they got us download the d club and force us to write review and we can get the chance to stick the sticker on any women. I like it move it move it. More booze for me.  Do i look like sunny in the thai movie. Okie lah don't puke on me. I think i looks better if skinner....

Sales Rally 2015

So fast, i thought sales rally 14 was just yesterday and we had our sales rally 15 yesterday. Literally. Shanghai dolly yet again. The only things different is the theme. Haloha vs Retro. For me its like no different. Same shit, different year.  I got really inspired by seeing my close friend goes up the stage to receive their awards. All came not easy. There is really tears, sweat and blood for that 15 minutes of fame. Or maybe 15 second. Its the recongination of hard work.  Jonathan went for top ready credit which is similar to top new to bank. He is the master of decieve and delusion artist. I think inception was inspired by him. He sell credit card in dream within dream. Just like nolan, you simply cannot comprehen.  The lee and lee family. I like extra. You know i came across a pick up line which i would like to share. You right legs are like christmas and you left is like easter. Just wondering can i stop in between for dinner -_-" Its team photo again :) add in some minus s