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It okie to speak up

If you are in a relationship, you are deliberately avoiding your parnter call. It only spell one thing, this relationsh…

How to buy Iphone 3gs with $450

My love and hate relationship with Iphone, dated back to my attachment in Australia where I brought an Ipod touch 2nd g…
I felt my fate is crossing path at this moment.

I hate myself for being so indecisive, so conservative a
nd too cautious…

Brought and ipad, ipab, ibab. Watever

Ipad review. No.
Just shouting out loud, i have the latest ipab for sale.

$899 brand new. Find me at Clementi central b…
Today went out with my collegue. Rain and eric aka huang nian po and ai dong gua. Club 62 opp of SGH.

3 tower.

-- Post…

Alantis with Clp

Yesterday went to Atlantis with Clp, just the two of us. Shihao was there working and saw some couple of old collegue. …

Tam Mai Tong Yom, ทำไมต้องยอม English Lyrics

Kom Faek

Nattawut Sakidjai (Por) as Kal Kriengkrai
Woranuch Wongsawan (Noon) as Anchan Rajchasee
Siwat Chotchaicharin…

Peak Pattarasaya, from Bedside detective

Name: Pattarasaya
Nickname: Peak
Profession: Actress, Model Pretty
Birth date: 18 October 1988
Height: 162cm
Birthplace: Ban…

My Okley glasses

Okley Tumbler series... AO lens, multi coat and ultra thin.Brought $230 where RRP is $460.

Jp connect

Today got 2 ticket from Liying to go watch movie premiere "She is out of my league". Recently a lot of small …

Mai Roo Juk Chun Mai Roo Juk Tur

Sailub (Bedside Detective)
This thai song slowly grew onto me. The lyrics are so beautiful. The Original song track sang…

M1, Starhub, Singtel GPRS 3G setting

The internet config settings seem to be all over the place, so here's a compilation of the 3G/GPRS/SMS/MMS Configur…
CHAO CHEE BYE....... (Sorry for the vulgar and all the young readers who drop by)
But I cannot express my angry in any b…


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