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I joined the GV and squash. So today is my second session on the squash practice. Didn't quite enjoy myself today. Cos the club is like too many ppl and there is only 3 court. So we like 15 people need to share and use one court. Today is the worst, there is this girl, i like she is really poor in playing lo. No say I am looking down on her but she keeps cannot hit the ball. She cannot do a serve oso. So we have to wait for her like 15 minute, watching her hit mosquitoes loh. Sian, I only manage to hit the ball 3 time today. It's kinda bo liao loh.. So far two weeks since my school starts, I have been enjoying. Our 1F01 is so united, we will wait for each other to go for lunch and every Friday, we will go outing together during our break. We will join CCA together and teach and study together. Now we are going to print our class T shirt already. Joey is the one who is drawing the design. Her drawing is like quite there loh. So I post some of the design that I draw myself.
So happy that school finally started. Now I wish to do well in Poly. But I find that it isn't going to be so simply.. To get a scholorship in the second year, I have to earn enough CCA points.. Mean I am going to enthu into my CCA. So for CCA i want to join roller blade, squash and green voluentor. I considered the dragon boat too but i think the training in dragon boat is too xiong liao. Of cos i need to have a academic result oso. But the EG math is really difficult lo. It is really a disadvantage that I never take A math in secondary school lo. My class till now still fine lo.. Some how or rather, our class bond the best. We won the overall champion for cheering the loudest.. Everyone is joining in except for a couple. We oso have a student that aced 8 subject that means that he L1R4 is onli 7 point! Today he even dispute with the teacher about a question on weight and mass.. for your info 1kg = 9.81newton. Weight in Newton is bigger then Mass of a substance because it inclu
Now, I am at Mac using the Wifi service. Because I just terminated my max online because I think paying $58 a month and under using it will be a waste of money. So instead I will be aiming to get the Voda phone moderm that I can carry around from M1. Too bad that Window Vista is still not supported, so I have to wait a while before it can be use on Vista. So school going to start 16th April, I am thinking to get myself a nice laptop bag. Actually I was aiming to get Crumpler bag. But it is too expensive and the bag is too common in school so instead I got a Outgear bag from challenager for $45. But later when I am using it, I find that it is very big and heavy. So then I posted on auction to sell it off. Yi wei recently had became the "big boss". He earned a lot of money by 'eating banana'. So recently, he had been treating us to drink. We usually hang out at Music Heritage. This waitress by the name of Charlene is quite nice.. Hummm, maybe she will be my next targe

oh.. lighthouse again..

Just came back from pubbing with Yi Wei. Today we went Music Heritage and then we went to Light house 65. Yeah, it is light house again. So long never go there liao loh. About 1 year plus liao loh. Even since when Serence is working there loh. So we went heritage to drink 2 jug of beer, after we were 3/4 seh liao rite, we decided to gl rush other pub. So Yi Wei suggest we go Friend Pub, but then I suggest to go Light House.. So he followed me to Light House and we ordered 2 jug of beer again. And guess what, when we were playing five ten half way, I saw 2 very familiar girl over the other table. And it is JOYCE and Kang Qin. Do you know how surpise when I saw Joyce. Ya, and I saw her with her BF, the one at Queenstown Club.. The one in the cashier.. I was so lost but then Joyce approached me to play five ten.. I am so happy.. She is the girl that I liked and because of her I got some problem with Jia Yi. We sing the song together again.. Guess which one? " Mong Zhong De Qing Hua

Sport camp 2007

I joined the sport camp first reason is to quit smoking as it is a 4 days 3 nights non-smoking camp. Secondly, is to gain more exposure and to hope it will help in my stage fright. So there is the day one activites. -firstly, i was being gathered in the sport hall for self-introduction and ice breaking games. -then we will brought to the field for some sport and more ice breaking games. -later we will introducted on varies CCA. like touch ruby, volleyball, outward bound, candoing clud, track and field and cheerleader team -the whole day is tiring and we bath at around 12plus and we sleep in a dorm that round up for the first day. following by the second day. -we start out day by doing a PT and a 4km run around the camp. -send us to kallang river to do dragonboat. which I got myself sun burn all over the body. -after dinner, we had our flag stolen and then we had a treasure hunt to find back our flag. after the second night, i decided to fall o