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Ngee Ann graduation

I felt the need to close this chapter of my life. I had officially graduated with a Civil and Environmental Engineering Diploma, for friends who still have no idea what I had been up to this 3 years. Although I didn't achieve my target as a gold/silver medalist, I managed to get a Cert. of Merit plus a structural awards. Considering that I study hard and play hard at the same time, I think I did okie. Oh ya, I was caught littering cigg butt on the graduation day. And yes for the 2nd time. FUCK I never pay attention to opening speech ever in my life, except for this speech that were told by my BE director. "Leave this school, bearing HIP in mind H for humble I for integrity & P for passion And remember never compromise success with your integrity, otherwise its not a true success" I never thought that I actually benefited from this quote. My boss really praise me on my integrity, humbleness and my commitment. I really give credit to Ngee Ann. 3 years ago and 3

Vexed lah...

I am passionate about things I do in life, at the beginning at least. I love to give it a 110% but always failed to persevere to the end. So naturally, I don't achieve much in life other than all those tiny little regrets here and there. "What if I had...". I hate to use these words. I am emotional now. I hate to be emotional. My negativity cause my 'YIN' qi to increase which create an aura hitting collateral damages to surrounding people. I am a happy go lucky guy, I forget easily. And WTH. Liping got into Top 10 Most What the HELL category , and also a chance to leave Hong Kong for holiday. I mean really wth. Put aside she cook 3 strand of vege for a meal, eat eggs x 10 a meal, survival guide for 60 cents a week or even skip 170 in one mintutes. There isn't anything to.... Fuck WHAT THE HEL?!?!?!? Best of all, she doesn't even include a OMY BLOG sticker/banner for people to vote her at all. While she happily dreaming that she had a slim chance t

JP connects @ Clementi

Boss looked up on me and decided to give me a pay rise for small little encouragement. I was so flattered and touched at the same time. So I decided that if CLP were to help me to hit my target, I would gave her $250 as a gratitude. A Man of Honor Policy was signed this afternoon. Through my boss, I really learnt a lot. Not like my previous boss, even help out at shop and just only concerned with the profit. Current one really pushes me to the max and I learnt like super fast. I had to crack my brain to earn a few dollar extra. So I had to learnt repair also. My first time changing phone's ribbon I am really busy nowaday but I am really happy about my job now. I work from 11am to 10pm everyday and tonight I even stayed back to help tidy a fruit store. My boss took over the fruit store beside us. He really very hard working and motivating, so I also give and take. Don't have to be so calculative. However, people will think of me as a boot licker. But who cares, they are

Ruk Sam Sao (Triangle Love)

Nap-chak-wan-nan-wan-thi-thoe-thing Ever since that day, the day that you left me Chan-tong-yom-rap-khwam-ching mae-wa-man-mai-ngai-loei I had accept the truth, even though it wasn't easy Nap-chak-wan-nan-chan-ko-choe-khao Ever since that day, I ran into him Khon-thi-khoi-chet-nam-ta He continuously wiped away my tears Khoi-du-lae-mai-hang Waiting to take care of me, never being distant Ya-rong khao-bok-kap-chan-wa-ya-rong Don't cry, he said to me don't cry Mi-khao-thang-khon-cha-khoi-yu-khang-chan I'll always have him by my side Lae-laeo-lae-rao-thang-song-ko-dai-khop And then the two of us dated Lae-pai-dai-di And things were going well Tham-mai-thoe-klap-ma-ao-ton-ni Why did you come this moment? Khon-nueng-khao-chang-di-kap-chan One person is undeniably good to me Cha-thing-khao-long-yang-ngai How could I just drop him? Khon-nueng-khoei-thing-pai The other one left me once before Tae-rak-mai-khoei-chang-hai But my love has never faded for

Nokia N8 offical 12mp xenon

AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 360 x 640 pixels, 3.5 inches - Multi-touch input method - Proximity sensor for auto turn-off - Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate - Scratch-resistant surface 16 GB storage, 256MB RAM, 512 MB ROM 12 MP, 4000x3000 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash Geo-tagging, face and smile detection 720p@25fps, LED video light OS Symbian ^3 OS CPU ARM 11 680 MHz processor, 3D Graphics HW accelerator Nokia N8 with largest image sensor and even larger than some point and shoot cameras. sample photos