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Music Hertiage

Tonight I rushed a few pub. With Zhen Hao, Jin Yian, Shu Hao and Yiwei. We went to MH first then go to 80s then go back to MH after meeting Zhen Hao 'Piao Jie'. His piao jie is quite beautiful. We took one picture so you can take a look below. And I know this 2 waitress at the pub, by the name of Rebecca and Chantal. ' Life is not the number of breath you took, it's the moment that took your breath away '.
Wah, what a great weekend. I never work out since I ORD. Yesterday went to east coast blading. We bladed for 2 hour first and then another hour after Ah Liang joined us. The price of the two shop is different. The second one is much cheaper and better. The shop name is Inline. In case I forget. $7 for 2 hour before 6pm and free sock and equiment. No wonder for the first 2 hours I have been blading real slow because the blade suck loh. People kick softly and they can go so far but I have to kick so hard. Made my angle aches. But for the last hour at the other shop was better. I mean the blade. So smooth. I like this kinda life. Sweat out during the weekend and not wasting money on beer at pub. Hope that will be more opportunity to go and blade somemore. Will update again if next week I have the chance to go again.
What is wrong with riding a not so cool bike? I take pride in my HONDA WAVE.. A particular night, after work from Cash Studio.. Me and my colleague went down to take our transport home. I told one of them that I don't take cab because I ride a motor. So that night, they ask me to show them my bike. They ask me to ride out to let them see. I told them it is parked just around that corner, they can just walk over to take a look. That time was 5am in the morning so that's only 2 bike at the parking lots. Another class 2 bike other then mine. When I walk over to the class 2 bike, they say "Whao!" As if they thought that was the one I was riding. I had to walk past that bike to get mine cause mine is parked further from it. When I got to mine, they say "Chey!". What is hell wrong with riding a wave? They started to make fun of me and my precious. Bike to me only act as a transport and not something I am glory of. They are so dangerous on road. So what is so cool

Cash Studio

Never work under a lady boss. I heard people saying this. I didn't realize how true it was, until today. After quitting Blazing Telecom after a management dispute. I found another job in Apollo Center. Working as a "waiter" in the KTV. They underpay me for $4.50 per hour, which I already earned $6 per hour 7 years ago. I have to do the duty of washing cups and house keeping. Not mentioning that they don't provide transport even we work till 5am in the morning, and they even had no meal allowance when doing afternoon shift. Working in this kinda environment was bad enough and make things worst, I am working with fark up colleague. After two weeks of working. I met this girl, one year older than me. Okie, appearance wise is 7/10. Intially, I was excited to work with a good looking girl and she was maybe 4 month senior than me. I started to break the ice and saying her on what she was doing. She replied me in one word reply or reciprocated the question at me. Okie, I go
O level results were finally released. I was overwhelmed that I passed all the subject. I wasn't sure if I could make it for English and Account. It was just relieved that I could make it. Although, I think I could do better. I was aiming for Eng=C6, Chin=A2, Math=A1, Sci=A2, Acc=A2. Making my aggregate a total of 13. But my actual result is Eng=C6, Chin=B3, Math=A2, Sci=A1, Acc=B3. Aggregate of only 15. Not bad still. So whats next. Polytechnic of cos.. So I went down to SP and Np a couple of time this month to listen to the open house. Intially, I was thinking of taking Film, Sound and Media in Ngee Ann. Not long before my cousin convicted me that Media Study doesn't really have any prospect in Singapore. He highlighted that photograph and video editing you boundary of expertise. Anyone who have the talent may do well in this industries. I doesn't really need to go study at all. He suggested Accountancy.An accountant can enter any field. Or he suggest something to do with