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How to choose your N8 color

Hi people, note down this big big dates, Nokia N8 officially release on 5 Nov. Finally. It comes in 5 colors and what will you choose? Let me give you a little statistic from a recent poll as well as color senses to help you pick your best color. I know its hard. It didn't surprise me that black came up as first most wanted color, but the least wanted color did. I thought green was featured many times in the ads, why had it became the most unwanted color. Anyway already pre ordered the orange and CLP ordered the green. Oh, btw I seen the actual phone at Vivo city when a person applying his screen protector on. I instantly identify the gorgeous baby. It was an absolute head turner, specially with my illuminates orange. BLACK Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. Black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness. It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear t

No U-turn syndrome (NUTS)

No U-turn syndrome (NUTS) is coined by Sim Wang Hoo, director of Creative, to mock the conservative behavior of the people in Singapore. A common social behavior to seek for approval to higher authority prior to any action taken. No U-turn Syndrome uses traffic system in Singapore with comparison with other country to illustrate this phenomenon. Both systems serve the same purpose albeit in a different approach. However the social repercussion is significant. In Singapore: Drivers are not allow to make a U-turn unless a sign specifically allows them to so. Oversea: You CAN U-turn freely along the road, which you deem safe to do so as long as "No U-turn sign" is not present. The "No U-turn Syndrome" permeates into the life of every citizen including our parent, which drove down this concept into our brain as little as we are 4 years old. Our lifestyle and decision since young were rule based. If there is no rule for you to do, then it’s NO DO. In his articles, h

Hippocampus 2010 committee

I was rather surprise, i could squeeze into he hippo campus commuitee. I love to organize event for people and therefore glad with our arrangement. People in event management are generally good people and easily associated. Just finished a dinner section with them yesterday at Suntec skinny pizza. Head scholar was generous on our dinner budget, which totalling to $300 plus. As we are eye of an apple which deserved to be well fed, and fed well. I quoted her here. Thanks Cynyi. President role was passed to Celestine from ex-president; Valeria. Both were excellent female icon who holds great leadership criteria. It rare for women to have my respect and they totally deserve my all due respect. Cynyi ended the dinner with a great motivational speech, and I was all charged with positive energy to face my mundane lifestyle all over again. How powerful is that, when you really can communicate and motivate your people whom you manage. These are great people. Time flies and CLP came to her


缘中秀的紫微斗术。 Master Ivan told me the same thing that he told me last time during Aura reading. The first thing he see my chart is: 你很乱。乱乱乱乱乱。 Missing elements from earth and fire According to my ba zi, out of the five element ; wood, fire, metal, earth and water. I had 5 elements under fire, 2 under water and 1 under wood. (Everyone supposed to have 8 random elements of any kind). As illustrated in the above diagram, I had a strong characteristic (metal), but lacks in career(earth) and drive(fire). 本命: 缺火,缺水。 很难突出,没方向。 夫妻: 老婆为贵 子女: 为贵 事业: 先成家而再立业, 有想法, 胆缺, 冲不到。 迁移: 适合到国外发展。 朋友: 女为好, 身边小人多, 朋友截你福气。 财: 正财为旺, 不宜赌。 The simplest sentence to describe all the craps are: 我天生我材, 被人用. Had the potential but display for the wrong person, unappreciated. Career/ Environment meet evil star of 陀螺. Spinning round and round without directions, disorientated in life. Stepping all over in the wrong directions. Got the plan to do but lack the courage to carry it out. Insecure of myself. Discont