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My econ plan for home improvement

Like i said before. I need to periodally purchase big expenditure very alternate month. Sometime it can be a overseatrip, a iMac, some random luxurious item, a car, an iphone/ipad, a PS4 so on and so forth. That set me off my saving plan a fair bit. And they are trash item that can only to used infrequently and some even not been used yet. It hard for me to save hence i need regular saving plans.  But this month i spent another 3k on bulk purchase but i felt money well spend. I am upgrading my home to econ friendly. I need to replace home applicances to energy efficient and hence giving me long term cost saving.  My monthly utlilities bill for 2 person is around $200 which is quite a lot. We were seldom at home excepted after 7pm. Electrical bill shouldnt amount to so much. I reackon my 25 years old aircon might be the culprit. I had a 55" plasma TV, obselete technology already and everytime we watch tv i just emit a lot of heat. Must get those replaced.  Went for the 40" phi

Staycation at hotel Changi cove

I believe this hotel is only 4 yrs old and relatively new, i book it as it adv as 4 star going for $140 sgd per night (after discount) which is quite worth it. However i think they are not worth 4 stars as adv. hard to access room from lobby, lack of smoking point and not fridge in the room. My shower got no hot water although later they had water back online. Good thing is we went off perk, very little people hence quite quiet which we are looking for when going for staycation.  Whats special is that the room will be complimentary nespresso coffee and a bean bag to snuggle. They also have a guest loft where u get free flow of espresso machine and board games to play. But still i hate they didnt include fridge in their room.  Another highlight is that they allow us to draw arts on their wall. Let me vent out some creative juice inside the hotel.  A lot of tree and jungle green around the hotel but lack in swimming pool and smoking point. The whole hotel only have 1 smoking point at the