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A woman is suspecious of her man is having an affair outside. The man had always been coming home late. Initially she told her husband she gonna lock her house at 12 midnight sharp everyday. Her husband did return before 12 for short period of time but then change to not coming home at all and even blame her wife that since the door is locked he have no choice but to stay outside over night.  Until one day this woman became smart and told her husband that she is going to leave her house door open (open for anyone to be able to enter) at 12 midnight everyday. The man became worry about her wife safety and starts to be home every night to help her wife shut the door.  Same man who likes playing outside. Same door but one being closed and one being left open. This show the wisdom of a woman. Controlling a man is not about restricting his freedom.  懂比爱更重要 女人的眼泪是一个奥妙的武器。在适当的时刻流下两滴就能让男人万剑串心。但用的不适当就算流两桶泪也能把男人逼的落荒而逃。

May payout

Hurray. I received my may payslip and i am super happy. Althought its not tier month but i still able to net in $9880. Boss told me i will be super happy when i see my comm sheet. Turn out to be more than what i had calculated. Thanks boss. Gonna return him some "dividen" this month.  I am really close really close to hitting tier 3 this month. Its like my last 400m. I gonna hold water till end month and then pray hard.  I still short 50k to hit 260. I want loan! I want loan!! I want credit shield!!! I want credit shield!!! I want 20k payout!!! I want 20k payout!!! Awwww....

Prawning at punggol

After all the tnn session, we finally settle into some light weight activities. Prawning at punggol.  The prawn there were smaller than bishan harbin prawn pool. Many small ekan bilis. Cight rate were low tonight.  4 sticks only managed around 30 plus. Somemore most of them were small sized. Around 8 midium big size. Those super big sized one also don't have.  I prepared and wash all the prawns. Killing everyone of them. Should have cook them more.  Hmmmmm~ i missed gordon ramsay show

Enough i gonna downgrade

Enough is enough. I finally decided to go downgrade mt pes status. Fuck saf which need me to take ippt once every year. No only i cannot pass, i need to go for training every year in the form of either RT ot IPT. Enforced or voulentary training respectively. Enough of this shit.  Hsiong wei kinda popular due to the poster.  This month absolutely engage into mount everest challenge. Gonna run tier 3 hence for the past 2 weeks all mega booth. Can't really go drink until 15th finally able to take a short break from all these rubbish. Pamper myself with a good meal at fish market with tnn kaki.  Then for the next following 2 days drink and relax burn a hole in my wallet for $500 damage in 2 days.  Anyway. Dad had signed OTP and we went down for first appointment. Financial plan to purchase part share over my father 30% share evaluted at 113k. Finally i got to buy my first house!! With my mither instead if my spouse. But well. I don't have any spouse in near future and i took a 5 ye

Psp emulator out on android and ios

So tired after IT SHOW which i had gone for 7 out of 8 of the show. Long working hours and mentally torturing. Well, that of course return to generate higher customer level this month. As of 8th jui i prospect 66ntb. Still far from my 150ntb prospect before 23th jun. I have yet go back to office to submit anything yet. Today my off day slack at home the whole time. I manage to stumble across that psp emulators are out for window iphone and android. Got them all set up and played final fantasy type 0 on my g2. Framerate is lagging and sound is broken on my android. Window runs fine though. How bluetooth ps3 controller working on android and pc. At least i can play the emulator in console style at least. Tonight i insomnia gonna pick up my controller and whack my ff type 0 tonight. Tomorrow je branch. Hope i can wake up on time.

Jun mount everest

This quarter is mount everest month. Running for tier 3 bonus. Today is 7th jun and i had total of 58ntb. Which is on track for my 130ntb till month end. But after IT show will go back to normal booth. Still have to throw in everything by 23th jun. Finger crossed for tier 3.  张家辉 ask me not to give up. Never give up. After thus month go oversea loh!!! $16,000 muackzz!!!! A simple breakfast i made. 2 eggs toasted bread with butter cheese and ham. Of course it must come with my favorite cafe su dai.  July i need to rest a month. Don't run and rest already. I still haven go take my ippt. Going to be a defaulter and kana DB. Gan! Serioisly need to go see this Dr nathan.  This month i fell sick and got the pink cough syrup. Made i cannot stand for a week. Gan ni niah...