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Are they for real. It looks so easy. Take a look at Richard, not being mean or anything, but kissing a girl like this. You must be kidding. Anyway, Richard happens to be my favorite geek for "Beauty and the Geek" Season 1. Oh, just so happen that I love Mindi too :) Her beauty isn't just skin deep, beyond her skin she is quite intellectual and composed. Is this world fair? Is smart and beautiful even legal together? I am totally hook onto reality TV. Those who know me, knew. Survivor, Hell Kitchen, Amazing Race, Fear Factor, Beauty and the Geek. I mean my point is I am really into reality TV. So what so compelling for me to RTV. Okie. Just like what you can't get in your own reality, you would like to see others have it in their reality. So that it reminds us, life is not so damn hopeless. When I can point my finger at someone and say: "See, Richard that freak gets to make out with Mindi. So why not me?" These little hopes keep life burning.

Pass my class 3, again

Super happy, i passed my class 3. Again. Haha. 4 demerit pts at parrarell and inapprocrate gear. Aiya nemind abput the mistake lah. Importantly, is the result and not the process mah. Actually I am a very good driver minus again drink driving. I got class 3 in 2003 and since, been actively driving all sort of cars. In army. I drove the land rovers, MIni MP, 3 tons, 5 tons and lightstike. I hit my 10000km mark in ADF and converted to civillance licence. Personally i drove Honda civil 99. No only I had Class 2B and rided Wave, phathom and spark for 4 years. Just wanna hao lian a bit. Thank ypu very much. Now getting my licence back, happy lo.