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As i am sitting at meiling coffee shop having 排骨饭加两粒蛋 by myself, the breeze was extremely chilling tonight. Finally i have some time sitting down, slow down and think. Just watched the razor tv, the date loft, seeing the glamorous lady, an ex-pageant had been hunting very long for her happiness. She is coming to her late twenties. (28) Still so picky. Ya la. Its her whole life of happiness at stake. Cannot fault her for being careful right. For girls, 25-27 you are yet to marry you are call 剩女. 28-32 you are middle class sheng called 剩斗士. From 32-36 you are dangerous already. They call you the high class sheng, 斗战剩佛 and  36 onward, the special class 齐天大剩 belong to you. Sometime its wise to be cautious when choosing the right one. But don't be overly picky. That isn't the best one out there, only the most suitable one. Many a time, when finally u lose someone away and you will see it from her next relationship that you actually think why you didn't seize the chance a

2012 resolution & wishlist

The last day of 2011, and its time to set my resolution for the up coming year :) Let's do a recap of the past 2 years and see what I did manage to achieve and what are the things that need catching up: 2009 comestically make over : Attempted in poly time, now revert back to old self get grades enough for me to enter uni : Achieved the grade, (very good job) quit smoking : Attempt a few time, quitted twice, once with Liwen and the other time in Bendigo treasure the most important person in my live: Still didn't change much socially more confidence and out going: Bad to worst overcome stage fright : Joined Toastmaster and host Lilian's wedding dinner :) 2010 wishlist Renovate my room : Not done Buy a good bed frame and matress : Achieved Second hand espresso machine: Achieved Ceiling fan in room: Not done Optional game console : Achieved Nexus one mobile phone : No comment cause its optional 2011 no resolution I reckon that I didn't follow much