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Dion and mandy bday plus farewell

Celelbrate dion and mandy bday. Visan and me got them pandora nad zippo lighter, they loving it so much. We set a high standard for present and think no one can beat us at that.  Mandy also leaving us soon to join SIA as stewderess. Could very well be our last outing. And i had really encourage her to make the move because you need to explore more when you are young. I wasnt taught about that when i was her age. 读万卷书不如行万里路,行万里路不如阅人无数。 Gonna miss her. Like what she say, it will never be so much fun after either one of us away. Now only me and visan 相依为命了。  This dec is the month i lose my "virgin". I mean first time i give up hitting comm. i said before missing comm is just like losing ur virgin. Once you pop you can't stop. I buffer more carry over to jan because my pay will be prorate due to compliance leave. Vietnam ho chi minh. We are ready, 万事具备只缺东风。and dong feng is expected to blow on 12th Jan. 5 days compliance, 厚嘢。booked preferred seats and lugguage space. So excite

The right and true way to make a cafe su dai

After my epic failure to make a cafe su dai using colombia coffee bean, i am determined to get my cup of vietnamese coffee the right and true way.  Ensure that you are of course using all the right material and wares before you attempt.  Some vietnamese recommend 红字 sweetening milk. Punch 2 hole so that the milk can flow out like this. Rest can keep fridge for a longer time.  Put in 2 to 3 teaspoon of vietnamese coffee bean and remember not to use other coffee powder other than those you get from vietnam. Shake well for even distribution and compact the powder with centre piece. Not too forceful, compact 85% to enable water to drip through.  Pour in hot water to 7/8 full and you can pour some hot water in bowl to keep the coffee warm through the dripping process.  Dripping of 1 to 2 drops per second is recommended. Check that you really have dark black coffee dripping and wait patiencely for 7 to 8 minutes. Listen to vietnamese song is

Christmas 2013 and my fat ps3

Just jailbreak ios 7 with evasi0n7 and purposely installed the taiG version with china malware. Supposingly to have cracked and pirated software where a lot of user deter away. Enjoying my ios 7.0.4 now :) Saw visan carrying this small prada bag and she got it for ard 900. Cannot be so cheap, she must have got it oversea. Saw this cute sweet lying on her table.  Okie. Basically spend my christmas day installing ps 3 and tv at home. Link up all the cables and even paired iphone with ps3 so that i can play youtube on ps3 using my iphone.  Got the ps3 on ebay. Fat version 80gb + 2 wireless controller + bluetooth keyboard + 7 games + 7 blue ray for $181. Luv ebay for the cheap deal. When to buy my own game, the last of us and wanting to spend tonight at home pak game.  Thanks van and jenny for the vietnam coffee powder. After using this, all i get is just authentic pure vietnamese cafe su dai. Anh yue em, muack!! The taste is so super strong i love it so much and i had 3 cup a night ytd. 

Join POC but still not as full time, Citi still appeals

Alright. I just got myself enrolled in poc one of the smaller division. I suddenly felt the lack of committment from my over study today. Nonetheless i decide to proceed to avoid further delay in aquiring my CES licence. However i am still not reasy to make a move. I really need stock up a little bit before going. And citi had to offer.  OMG can u believe this custom made band is only $10 done at near cathay.  Trying to find back my initial passion in being a dso. And a good talk with my TM i think had to reboot my mind and bring my attention back to work.  See i even had it in my on my third month which i ran into gold rookie award. Getting gold automatically earn me a free briefcase.  And beside the big income, citi bank do pay out small gratitude once in a while. Big company big reward and occassionally small freebies. I cannot remember how many gong cha voucher and famous amos cookies voucher i took. Some headphone and mouse and portable charger. All this by our parntering gift dis

The wrong way to make a cafe su dai

Today my off day got some spare time at home and I think how about using some time to play with my Vietnam phin filter someone brought me N years ago. But I ran out of vietnam coffee bean, I used Colombia bean instead. A very powerful vietnam chief had share her guide on how to brew a Vietnam authentic coffee. And yes I literally listening to vietnam song while waiting for the brewing process like how she had recommended. And NO it didn't make the waiting less painful for me. The brewing process a almost 8 minutes. That will depend on your compression and the coarse of the bean. I guess why Vietnam coffee are cold by the time I reach the table. Cafe su dai is more popular i guess. Alright. My coffee is ready now at this point of writting. Let me go try it.... Okie judging the color of my coffee I believe it too light and diluted compare to the Long phung coffee. It taste absolute no where like the one i had. Phewwww Taste like drain water. So light. Nabei. 

Planning to Saigon trip 2014

Book my ticket to Vietnam and will be leaving on 12th January 2014. Finally, this will be the first time I visit this country, going to visit so of my friend I knew back here in Singapore. Trang's coffee shop is at Hanoi so probably don't get to listen to her singing this time. When to youtube some Vietnam Ho chi minh clips and saw Gordan eating snake in Vietnam and I google some strange exotic food served in Vietnam. They have the culture of "finish everything" meaning they try to keep waste of food to minimum. I really want try the "make man have power" baby duck eggs and "one night 5 time" snake heart and blood. Fucking want to try. And seasonal period they have dog meat in Vietnam. Gonna get some puppy love as well. Of course I will be back with tonnes of Vietnam coffee, and I had already booked 20kg luggage back to Singapore. Lathivan gonna join me and show me the true way of Vietnam. Yahoo!! Vietnam is like a topical country and

Being asked to leave citi

I think after so many chances given to me, when I still take it for granted, the pressure cooker finally letting off some stream today. I invited to meeting room and this is the first time going with TM alone. Just uncommon for Team CT to be inside room lah. Hansel wanna "gai guat" me in joking manner. But I knew that there is still minimal seriousness in his tone. By the way, as I was writting this blog i am still listening to Giac Mo Qua Roi by Trang. Basically inside he just ask me why am I giving this kind of result and the mentality is not fucking hack care. After a long talk, he half motivating and half lecturing me and told me that group head is thinking of firing me. Alvin from KT team had helped me and say that he is willing to take me into his team, well I cannot say that  I was a little bit touched that there is still people out there willing to trust me. He say that although I had attitude and compliance issue but he think that I am the kind of person who wil

Giac Mo Qua Roi by Trang Fan MV attached

Trang since last went back to Vietnam and she came back, I was there to fetch her at airport. She was here with her another friend, I did my part to bring them around singapore. As fast as she came, she had been here for 1 month and it was time to bid her farewell. Before she left, she download a couple of song with Zing Mp3. One of the song is the Vietnam version of 江南. The song is so well sang, it grew on me day after day even when she is gone. I kept listen to it on train, during bed time, and any free time when I need energy. She grew to be like a superstar to me.

My christmas present a mont blanc iphone sleeve

Bad news. My 400k credit limit increase had not been approved, but bank only give up to 240k for mdm cheong. Now she had been sourcing alternative term loan at other bank. Pending their approval, she will only consider taking with me if other bank reject her. And she cannot confirm that she will be taking with me by this month :( WTF!!! I had already put all my eggs in this basket. My loan till mid month is still $0. If i piew this loan i will miss comm this month. Also mean losing my virgin away... Furthermore i brought the prada briefcase already with the comm of this deal on credit. GG... No mood to fight this week liao. I jitao ab jurong east and go shopping again. Brought home my dinner to eat while watching my china programme again.  Visit mont blanc to see my iphone 5 sleeve cover and got convinced by jonathan to buy it on the spot. He say damn chio matching my prada wallet. I guess i am addicted to branded and i can't accept non branded goods even if i find them practically

Sales is not all about product but about customer services

It is not the product that sell, it is the service of the saleman. This is what I think and today incident just prove that my theory is right as least for me. I was out alone to anchor point to buy grocery. After getting my coffee beans, cereal and dairy product I was greeted by a young lady trying to preach me for car wash product. You know the booth is set up outside the lift and the young lady is giving out brochures, you can smell hungry salesmen from mile away. I mean this is salesmen instint to identify another salesmen easily. I gave her the coldest shoulder and express i am not interested in getting the car wash and she insisted to walk me to my car as she claim that anyway they are doing a free service in conjunction to anchorpoint event. In the way i told her i seen the product before and not interested in getting any of the product. She reassure me it is a free service and proceed to clean my windscreen on the name that it will ensure driver's safety because it will in

Van singing her first 2 chinese songs

I haven totally neglect my chang ba. Now got 2 more song uploaded and that's Mimi singing chinese songs. Yao Boon Leong you so long never go 36 liao, tyna dunno change how many song already loh. And mimi starts singing chinese songs already. But no, you had not miss out anything cause they can be heard by visiting the 2 links below. 风中的承诺 七情六欲 learning hard for chinese songs BEST PERSONAL COMPILATION VIETNAM POP 2013 (20 SONGS) For like minded soul sharing and soul healing. 

Got my vr0078 prada prematurely

Okie la. I cheated. Was planning to get the prada briefcase when I close my 400k but I secretly brought it yesterday at Meriot Hotel prematurely. No I haven't yet close my 400k :p Suppose to work at Cathay but I just spend my weekend shopping away. 6 hours around Orchard looking something for my own Christmas present. Good thing being single is to have all the time and money to pamper myself or who will pamper me otherwise? I now feel for the women why they want to remain single and go shopping for themselves. It is high. Saw Miranda at Meriot hotel and she just rara me to buy the bag saying that this is the right size and etc. So impulsively I brought it and instantly becoming gold member. Got $240 taka voucher for prestige card challange and go taka hunt for free gift, stumble upon coffee siphon maker, and I waste no time to add it into my collection of all my coffee maker collection. I would want to share in the later post about all my coffee maker :) Go armani exchange to