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Today I talked to Joey about my opinion on friendship and I think I scared her a bit, cause the way I put it, is so cruel. But that's my opinion, don't apply to everyone okie . But she is deceiving herself, I felt that she know how cruel this world is but she just didn't want to face it. If you are so firm on your friendship you shouldn't be shaken by my opinion. The world is very practical and you need to adapt to it. The older you get the more you know how cruel this world is. "I thought she is my good friend, why did she backstabe me?" or "You promise this is our secret why did you tell other about it" Is this what you call betray? Not even near. I once take friendship very seriously and treasure it, but in the end I got hurt. Not like those mention above. I wouldn't want to describe it. Too heart-brokening. Grow up and don't expect everyone to suit your thinking, be dependent.. Don't keep thinking you can keep your good friend fore
power ranger . . . our skate Went to east coast park today with liqiang joey shi hao and liwen.. enjoy ourself but i think the speed a bit too slow. never had the chance to sweat it out. today, our class each share $2 and buy a zinc bag for li qiang. Li wen choose the design and li qiang like it very much. when i pass him the bad he is so touch and like wanna cry, he look at me so gently like i am the one who buy the present for him loh. stupid and very pai seh.
Today was so fun at ECP.. With Liwen and Shi Hao only, although we so little people but we still enjoy ourself very much.. Very busy to write too much so just let you all see some nice pics loh. Shi Hao face always so funny. We at the 'rock' listening to the breeze after the skate Spent $8 on the coin machine. very addictive We exchanged the light stick for 30 ticket each. The Mr "She Mo" and Ah mei.. I like this one I am like at the airport taking pic with my fans.

mircoscope and insect

Nothing interesting this few days in school but I still manage to get some interesting picture if anyone of you missed out this. That day at the study corner near blk 27, an insect stick itself on Joey's 'purplish' shirt and land its egg on her. We are so amazed that we keep looking at it till it finish laying its egg. Then move on to Envoirnmental Health. We are doing some observation under the mircoscope to see the mirco-organiziam. Very interesting and I have taken some picture so here it is.. Not Full Moon (it some kinda of spores) Intersection of a Mosqitoes A flee I guess.. Lastly some pretty photo of our class..
Finally, M1 vodafone moderm got updated version for Window Vista.. Today I just brought one. $22/mth. Connection speed of 364kb.. I tried the connection, reasonably fast. D/L mp3 takes around 5 minutes.
Very long never update my blog 'live' liao. No internet connection at home, so I had to write my blog in the notepad and then transfer it into the blog another. Stupid loh. Now, I am at T-Garden doing MOL that why have the chance to update.. Why is my old habit come back again? I tried many time oreadi, I should know it doesn't work this way one loh. Take it easy. Yes! I can convince myself one. Mind over body.. Quitting liao loh.. 1st day.. hope I can maintain.
Finally watched Spiderman 3. As usual with my cliques, they are none other than, Shi Hao, Liwen, Joey, Limin and Orange. As this is the first movie I watched with my class so we snapped the picture of my tickets. Very nice show, visual effect is very good and there is a few scene that is quite suddenly and very unpredictable. Ending is so touching. I almost cried. I mean almost. JE center have the worst cinerma I ever visited loh. So small and the exit light is so bright. I dun even have the feeling that the show is about to start until I see the title come out. The people there is oso very inconsiderate, can heard a few phone call ringing away and they answer as if the cinerma is so noisy that they have to shout. Omg, sickening loh. But overall I give it a 8.5/10. Flaw is that the story has too much detail. Too many character liao.
Today's saturday.. went to Tiong Bahru to terminate my fixed deposite. Credited $2440 into my account. With the money, I went to check up my eyes again to get my contact lens. Because of previous incident where they checked my eye sight and give me a wrong degree, they do a spec for me that is over powerful making my degree higher. Sianz.. so today, I checked and my degree is R=3.25 and L=2.75 sianz loh, i used to have both side the same degree one loh.. now I have to buy two box of different contact to wear instead of sharing only one box. Went to Queensway to get my new blade. Seba one, (orange colour) for $290 with sock and bunkle belt for another $10. Total damage today $300. He convinced me that this one have the dunno what bearing with is smoother and the frame also stronger. Since I will be skating this 3 years, dun mind to throw in an extra $50. There will be a skating camp during June. Hope by then I will be able to skate reasonably well.

IAC topic on family lineage

Today we will told to do a online discussion. I feel like carry on to the story so i paste it in here. those who are interested and read about it.. Q1. Watch the segments on Family Types, Matrilineal Lineage and Family Lineage. What is your family type? What is your family lineage? I belong to nuclear family and I am from patrilineal lineage. Q2. Based on the segment on Family Genogram, give a brief description of your family history (tracing from your grandparents, to you). My father which is 3rd son of my grandfather. I have a total of 8 uncles and aunties. One uncle and one aunty is elder than my father, and because I am the first male grandchildren, I was given a lot of care and attention. My grandfather came from China and meet my grandmother in Malaysia. They got married to each other somehow. All my uncles and aunties was borned in Malaysia. After which they were all sent to SIngapore to study by my grandfather. Only my father and elder aunty stay at Malaysia becaus
Today is E-learning week but I have to come back for sch early in the morning like 0830 loh. Mr Teo giving a briefing for the student helper and we were taught 'total station' before hand. It is a very good machine that can focus thing far away it can measure distance and angle. So cool loh, Mr Teo say that it cost ard $6000 nowadays. Some more today I need got skating at night, so I have to stay at school all the way from 8am till 10pm loh. So sleepy.. IPPT is coming and I have to clear it before my bday this year. Okie, Tuesday at ECP was fun, vincent joined us. he like not shy to us liao leh, then at night he still got msg me good nite loh.. But I just think it is a bit er xin lo. I helped Limin and Orange to buy Alcohol. I kind of regret doing it loh. At first I thought that if someone really want to drink, I dun buy they also will find their ways to drink one, but then I think back, I think i am kind of encouraging them. FIne, so I think I am still a bad influence. T
sunday night went to lot 1 with shihao, joey and li wen. basically we went to the arcade and play game. seem like i going back to old time when i hang around in the arcade. really old liao, like not fun anymore. but at least we played the machine red blue and green.. that one i used to play when i was younger. then i intro shi hao to Sango 2. we manage to complete the game in one token. li wen die after stage 2. i think is the controller got some problem with the direction. one funny incident happened in the NTUC. when i was choosing my sushi, suddenly i think i heard the auntie say this "wah, u children so big liao ar". I really thought i hear wrongly, so i ask her to repeat herself. so i never hear wrongly lo, she mistaken joey and shihao is my children loh. how ridculous of her to say this. I know i look old but am i really that old to be a father of two kid this age??? but i never really angry or wat. in the end i got an extra sushi foc frm her. (cos she is pai seh with