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About Me

Gary is friendly looking but actually shy in nature, Like to seek attention rather than adventage. A very in-door person who likes to drink only beer and coffee. He is a very practical person who like to judge the book by the cover. When he thinks that he don't like a person, he will just hate them for no apparent reasons. He has a below average EQ and IQ. Likes to crap a lot because he basically just don't have any substance at all. He is childish and muture at the same time, Muture in looks but childish at heart. He is not a saint and he hate people who is a siant. He is just jealous. Although, he seem flirtious but down bottom he is committed and dedicated. He is a friend that you can hang out with when you are bored cos he will only find you when he is bored. Gary is born in the era where,he watches seasame street rather than high5, where bubble gum were not banned, where people still smoke in coffee shop, when gangsterism is the number one crime, where secondary school

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