Sales Rally 2015

So fast, i thought sales rally 14 was just yesterday and we had our sales rally 15 yesterday. Literally. Shanghai dolly yet again. The only things different is the theme. Haloha vs Retro. For me its like no different. Same shit, different year. 

I got really inspired by seeing my close friend goes up the stage to receive their awards. All came not easy. There is really tears, sweat and blood for that 15 minutes of fame. Or maybe 15 second. Its the recongination of hard work. 

Jonathan went for top ready credit which is similar to top new to bank. He is the master of decieve and delusion artist. I think inception was inspired by him. He sell credit card in dream within dream. Just like nolan, you simply cannot comprehen. 

The lee and lee family. I like extra. You know i came across a pick up line which i would like to share. You right legs are like christmas and you left is like easter. Just wondering can i stop in between for dinner -_-"

Its team photo again :) add in some minus some. Once thing i learn in my team, when a door closed, a new doors opened. 



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