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Me and xiao huang, swift sport

With these kind of money what can be get out of it? Maybe a watch? May a car!!!! Yes. I just upgraded my car. Was really tore between kelisa and swift sport and in the end go with the one with slightly better performance albeit a little bit pricey. Swift sport is one of the top editor choice for one of the year, cannot look too shabby working in my industry. However i really like kelisa riderability and value of money. Too many cool mod for kelisa too.  Me and NPL went into JB without map and wonder the whole night in seek of car servicing and we were all lost and manage to "stumble" into Taman Sentosa. We were a little baby step closer. Had supper at one of a famous duck kueh tiao near custom.  Had my swift done my first servicing in the afternoon the next day and we ate bua ku teh beside LS cafe where a lot of singaporean patronised there. Xiao huang also had a good bath looking all smart :) We brought a lot of malaysian biscuit back for our parent.