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Different between good song and bad song

These are popular songs, which comes in Thai version, but chinese people just copied the song and sing it the bad way. Ugly chinese singer. Long live to Thai~~~ 金莎 - 这种爱 Da Endorphine - Dai Yin Mai 陈伟联 - 爱恨难 Peacemaker - Rueng Bon Tieng 蔡淳佳 - 风铃 Punch - Ting Gwah Sia Jai

Kewen farewell

We just had Ke Wen farewell lunch this week, and this kind of remind me that I am already 6 months old into the company. Then let's see in the picture, there are 2 new members joining us. For the benefit of someone still in her last semester, I shall introduce them here. They are Ma Yan and Liu Tong both from NUS. So envy all people who are studying in NUS now... Sad

Song that changes culture

Charge & Aska 恰克與飛鳥 Say Yes This is the first Japanese song that inspire me to watch "beach boy" which led me to J-Pop  This is the first Korean song I listen to, led to me watch Autumn Tales and stops there. Oh and there too many Thai song I love now. 

At Lilian's ROM

My dearest buddy got married today. Well Ho Lilian will now be officially addressed as Mrs Goh. Congrats to Mr/ Mrs Goh, formly known as Dan and Lilian. My feelings are in mixed bag, on one end I was happy to see my best buddy engaged herself to a man, but on the other I felt I lost a sister. A big sister.  Lilian have always been like a Sister as well as my best friend since like we were 14. A decade had passed, though we aren't so close as compared to school time, but there is always the special connection and the comfortable feeling when we meet up once in a while. She walk me through my teenage phases, and the experience we had, were still vividly clear in my head. Don't bore you with all the details, but all the memories are for us to keep. I mean not that we are any different after her marriage. We will still be the best of friends and always be with each other when we need each other. So glad we met. 
Just finished "the persue of happiness" movie by will smith. Pretty aspirating show, of a poor dude fighting his life trying to make his end meet. Very emotional and motivating. I highly recommend you to at least google its summary. Some after thought, i felt my girlfriend was pretty much going through the roughness of life now, just like what willsmith was going through. Last semester yet she is unable to concentrate in her school work, still she had to scrafice time for me. Yet i am not being appreciative, i am being so selfish and self centered. How can she bear up with me all this while? I could long have given up on myself. My poor girl, how can i contribuate to relief her from sorrow and misery? I felt i falling deeper with her, how can i make us a better couple? How can i going to be a more exciting parnter. I dont wish to take anyone for granted, which i felt i have been all along. My mother, my girlfriend, my friends and many many other people. I dont want to be