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The Singapore Army Reality TV show

Ministry of Defend had came out with an awesome idea to showcase our National Service endeavour by putting up a series of reality TV on youtube. Weekly they will have an update of episode which would last for the whole length of (Basic Militry Training) BMT training.Which probably 8 weeks if my memory hasn't fail me. Target audiences are for pre-enlistee, parents and girlfriends of the men who will be going to protect our precious land. Survival series: NS Singapore; 18 episode,90 days and ZERO survival I believe it will turn out to be a total crap. So much profanity and inhumanity will censored through the film production to protray our NS "professional" image. They will audit those most garang, gungho and English native speaker for the production. How about the hokkien peng and the cao geng kia? Would they be featured in the making? Propaganda cannot get any better than this. Hope they can prove me wrong, so here is a little preview and the links to the show. Every

WISP reflection paper

WISP reflection paper Attending WISP was very beneficial for me in term of acquiring a better understanding of current world issue. International conflict may not affect our life directly, however through understanding how conflict arise, problem led and solution provided helps us learnt to handle our interpersonal relationship better. Keeping up with current affairs also promptly prepare us for conversional starter during social gatherings. Dialogue in the Dark I am very fortune to be able to attend Dialogue in the Dark even before it was opened to the public. That would be the most significant classes that I had attended for WISP. The experience to put myself in the shoe of the blind had allowed me to search my soul and learnt to open my heart and place my trust on others. All along I had the mentality of “I am the master of my life” or even "I am my own destiny”, however after the trip, it made me realize that how fortune of me to be so complete and to the extent that I took

Setting Exchange ActiveSync on your Iphone

How do I set up Exchange ActiveSync on an Apple iPhone? Basically, Microsoft Exchange is for croprate email used in your company or email used in your school. If this is the first e-mail account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Tap Microsoft Exchange. Tap in the E-mail box and enter your full e-mail address (for example, ). Tap in the Username box and enter your full e-mail address again. Tap in the Password box and enter your password. Optionally, tap in the Description box and enter a short description for the account. Tap Next on the upper right corner of the screen. Tap in the Server box and enter . If you are running software version 3.0, see below for instructions on how to find your server name. Tap Next. ( I used differently on my Iphone 3gs ) Choose the type of information you want to synchronize. By default, Mail, Calendar, and Contacts are all turned on. To turn off synchronizat

Cheapest Japanese Sushi in Singapore

Where can you find cheapest Japanese food, Sushi in Singapore? Wakau, we found a place to eat super cheap sushi de lah. Located at bukit timah plaze basement 1. Inside cold storage which is beside the KFC. Pre-packed sushi, freshness guaranteed. The price is more or less those you found anywhere, roughly $7 for 10 pieces, but the catch is to buy them near closing. 30% OFF after 8pm 50% OFF after 9.10pm There are couple of seats available and they also offers wide range of variety. Sashimi and rows etc. Recommended damage for bloating full meal after 8pm. $12/person nett. Today jam for 1 hr at JI custom. My life has more or less settled. I had decided moving into a new chapter, career building. And yes, I would be giving up my academic study. Is it a smart move? Only time can tell. First of all, I had to clear my 2 years bond with Sembcorp, looking it in this way. I can enter the field, trial run it and then decide if engineering is the kind of job I want. I might go for