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Swine Flu in April 09

Swine flu had swept us unexpectedly and causing an global calamity. Singapore as to better prepare us for the imminent outbreak had rose alert to code "orange". My company had just hold an emergency briefing which involves cautious steps to reduce our exposure to the minimum. Just as we are being complacent over the fact that we were readily prepared to face SARS in the event of the next outbreak, pandemic virus had mutated into another more deadly form and cause a mayhem here. Swine flu has an incubation period of around 7 days and symptoms only appear days after the person get infected. This made it harder to contain compared to SARS because the infected person could spread the virus before he can discover that he is infected. Measuring of body temperature do not constitute much of a preventive aspect but rather a form of tracing methodology. By studying of infected person temperature trend, they are able to better locate the source of the virus. This flu virus is transm

Sample picture of N6220 classic

Don't panic if you see my links are gone. Currently doing some modification on my blog and if you have noticed, my tagboard and links are gone. Of course they are gone for a reason. A reason too harsh to for me to face. Reason for removal of link was that I got remarks saying that they had been expecting high traffic flow from my site, obviously some people uses my link as a "terminal" to stalk other people blog. I don't like the feeling of being used to the extend that I felt people visited my blog just to click to other people's link. Like bus interchange. So links are gone for good. Regarding tagboard.... It just gives me the feeling that I am so unpopular. Or no people bother to tag a comment because I had been blogging nonsense. It had been there for so long and remained as clam as a meditating monk. Tag board gone as well. Nuffnang was the worst. The pathetic $7.30 since like don't know when. They had assigned my site and thought that I am no way cap

Touch my body

We obtain wisdom from 3 ways, By reflection which is the noblest, By imitation which is the easiest, By experiencing which is the bitterest. confuscius ( c. 551 - c. 477 BC ) (M.C,Chat) oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, V1: I know that you been waiting for me I'm waiting too In my imagination I'll be all up on you I know you got that fever for me 102 And boy I know i feel the same my temperatures Through the roof. Pre-Chorus: If there's a camera up in here then It's gone leave with me when I do (I do) If there's a camera up in here then I best not catch this flick on Youtube (Youtube) Cause if you run your mouth and brag about This secret rendevous I will hunt you down Cause they'll be all up in my buissness like A Wendy interview but this is private tween You and I Chorus: Touch my body Throw me on the floor, Wrestle me around, Play wit me some more. Touch my body Throw me on the bed, I just

My working life and Indian cuisine

School will be starting for some people, leaving the other half remaining remorseful about the decision of choosing IAP over IHP. Or maybe its just me alone. I couldn't hesitate one second to swap position with Vincent. Seemingly so free and easy in school. Open to choices like focusing on project peacefully or either joining other classmate for some catching up activities. Reporting time to school is not an issue provided that all the work is properly done at the end of the day. While all the uni graduate keeps complaining that there are no job for them in the current regressing market, I was bonded with a suck up job with my current employor. How suck up it is, maybe I shall narrate a full day schedule of my random day's boredom. Wake up at 6:30 to brush teeth and stuff, and always remember to shave cos my chin grows hair everyday. Reach Queenstown MRT by 7:10 and buy my lunch for the later of the day. Catch my MRT before 7:20 to be safe to board my company transport. Ever

Club Sabai, Power house and V3

Went out to celebrate Elis birthday. Firstly, happy birthday to Elis , one year older already, so grown up and don't like a children still carry balloon to clubbing haha . Anyway, sorry for not joining you all at the power house. It super crowded like siao , not suitable for us la, and thanks Felicia for signing us in for free :) Went to V3 to try out the club, I don't know but it wasn't as fun as Shihao described. The place was small, crowded. The live band suck also. Music was so so. Girl wasn't pretty also. Nothing like those compair to Club Sabai . V3's live band. SUck and music was deafening and unbearable. All of us sit there, watching each other in horror. The next table, girl was crowding around an old man touching his chest, sitting on his groin and stuff. I think he just got his CPF money. So we cam whore a bit and decided to change back to power house and see what is the suitable. Elis they all must be having fun. So we went there to check them out

Exploiting N82 function to a multi media, camera phone

I am sorry for appearing so egotistic, but I have to announce my new phone again. Finally, I am able to overlook the blemishing aesthetical disappointment, and gotten the "ultimate" phone for myself. If you had not been following my blog often, fyi, my ultimate phone needs to have more than decent battery life, good camera, nice sound, pocket-able and preferably with WIFI and GPS. Despite changing so many different phone with so many times disappointment, I reckon that Nokia had the intention to purposely market flawed version so their next creation will always looks more appealing compare to what they already had. They had all the technology to create the "all in one" version but that means killing off rest of their model's sale figure. Now that I am able to accept the fact that N82 is no way an eyes candy, in fact it looks like an oversize metallic soap bar. I highly suspects that Nokia purposely make it looks so ugly, if not everyone will be going after N

Picture sample from r607 4.1mp camera and Nokia 6220 classic

CLICK FOR FULL SCREEN!! I sold everything I got. G705 and my 8.1mp digital camera are done. Because I need to save up for something big... Like Nokia 6720 or maybe Nokia 6710. They say jiu de bu qui, xing de bu lai. But then, it happen to me that if I never let go of my new one, I never know that my old one was so good. Take for 2 for my old stuff. My HP photosmart 4.1 mp camera and Nokia 6220 classic. I just realized that their camera ability was quite top notch one. Let go into my 4.1mp camera. Below I took with 2mp resolution with maximum compression. Taken with low light, flash on. Taken with super marco mode on. It support supper marco, it not just macro. It is SUPER marco. Scenery landscape mode. Another super marco mode. Food picture taken with low light All in all, even thought I sold off my casio EX80. But it made me utilize my R607 which was what I always had but was always neglected. GOOD!! COMMON BACK TO HANDPHONE G705 lasted 2 days. Sell off and brought NO

Vietnam coffee

Hello world, its weekend's update again. Went out to window shop today cause I really squeezing dry my pocket liao . I had already spent all my allowance for Australia. Paying bills, my NEA fine, brought G705 and k810i. I really broke already. Lucky, today got a lot of freebie as Liping brings back some souvenir from Vietnam. That's partly because I keep asking her to bring me some Vietnam coffee. So I got what I always wanted. Vietnam 'slowly brew it yourself ' coffee. Vietnamese always brew very long for very little coffee, if u know what i mean. That's the filtrate tools that come with the coffee power. Looks very alike to my basin junk separator . It totally messed up my kitchen with all the coffee concentrate. Vietnam dragonfly that stand on your finger. Local london choco roll. According to Liping review. It tasted like chocolate ice cream at room temperature. Other than its quaintness property, I would never want to spent money on that. Don't ta

G705, the Generation Web phone

Brought G705. =