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I can cook so can you

Gordon ramsay is a inspiration to me and i had been watching his hell kitchen, kitchen nightmare and masterchef. This new year is a stay home for thru 1st day till 4th day. Took 2 days MC after 2nd of chinese new year to "regroup" myself. For the highlight is I started cooking. What put me off cooking so long is because its damn expensive if you do not cook often.  Invited some friends over to try my home cook meal, 酸菜鱼,洋葱蛋,炒香菇,老干妈辣椒虾 and 酱油鸡翅。simple, delicious and favorful. I had got positive reciew that i cook better than some mums and maids.  Endosement for my good food. I am going to elevate to western cusine soon. Going to explore steak and some western spices in near future.  For the simpliest. I tried salad. They are easy to do but they do cost me hand and leg. I didnt know veg can be so expensive they have the organic version which is like double the price.  My prepare my own salad lunch box with canned sardine as my protein and french source as dressing. First attemp