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Sembcorp Dinner & Dance 2011

Its Sembcorp Dinner & Dance. Not happening often enough but we were lucky to have them right at our first year. Lucky draw prices were luxurious but we had no chance. At least each got a 4gb pen drive and tons of mei mei de photo home with some mei mei de ren. Its so unbelievable I "smuggled" liping to the dinner and many got surprised.  "Though partners are not invited?" Technically, she came in as an employee. She is suppose to report work on 1st April, and Yap was no well so the spare invitation card have to go to someone and so happen it went to her! The last time I dressed up glamorously for an event was,...... Never. So lucky guys and girls got to see the hunk in his hunkiest moment. Hmmm, seem like there isn't a word "hunkiest"...   I thought we are overly dressed but seem all of them going on "bee seeking honey" mode. Dress to kill and so many pretty girls around just making my eyes sore. In a good way :) Took photos with Ms

Hard reset samsung wave 8500, secret code

*#1234# - Shows Firmware version. *#197328640# - Internal Settings *2767*3855# - Hard Reset Please be careful while using these codes. Changing values without knowing what they are might make your phone unstable. *#197328640# - Secret Menu. *#0228# - Battery Info *#0*# - LCD test *#1111# S/W Version *#1234# Firmware Version *#2222# H/W Version   *#197328640# This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode. For increasing music volume: Type *#197328640# Click the button 5 ( Audio ) Click the button 2 ( AP, Volume Config) Click on the button 2 (EAR Config ) Click the button 1 (volume PM) - to increase the volume of music files or the 5 key (FM Radio volume ) - Radio We can see the 7 lines (0-6 ) , we can increase the value of all lines (these are the lines that define the level at each support ), you can change any of them or increase only last value of 58dB to 75dB and 100db max . To ente

My flat painting work

I super hate to blog on blogger using iphone app, blogpress. After the insertion of image, it create additional line break between images which cannot be removed. So this post will look awfully spacious. My flat will lose it color to redness. Its the flat upgrade work which i hate. What is wrong with orange blue. GE 2011 is a lame shit. So is my upgrading work. Went IMM to get a toaster and hot water pot. Saw the ISO hair curler artist again. So lp went in to get her hair permed for free. Oh. She can't use a hair curler over the mirror. Went hm eat our fried rice combo. Cheeze prawn. Weeee -- Post From My iPhone

Prawn fishing at Habin, Bishan Park

Today is a small get together at HaBin Prawn fishing at Bishan. In event to pre celebrate Liu Tong leaving Sembcorp but ended up she didn't turn up for the event.