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So much of nothingness going on

Recently not much time to blog, because there are so much of a nothingness going on. I seems to be always busy, but busying with something irrelevant and insignificant. I don't really know how to manage my time well. 2 things I cannot manage well, my time and money. This Jan comm scheme changed, booth got replaced and moral basically rock bottom, so long like almost 2 years, I had difficulty hitting comm. 26th and I had only 19 ntb. FML. Somemore david helped me 2 ntb. Job wise, I am impatiently waiting for CF result for 2016. I didn't put in as much effort and focus as compared to last year, if I didn't manage to get it, blame it on myself. But of course I would like to be in one of them. Finger crossed, hope god bless. I was lucky too to get promoted to "assistant manager". It something of a concept like a deputy manager but with a catch. We are just same role DS with different job title. albeit slightly better paid. Only slightly. But nonetheless still a

My yellow suzuki swift sport 1.6m

Actually i didnt yet post my yellow suzuki for beauty shot. I think today just dedicate one small post for him.  You are wondering if i stole the picture on car mart. No. Because i had placed it up for sales. The return to innocent. 

2016 resolution & wishlist

It only fair that for my first post of the year to be the one reflect back on my last year resolution. Which I always did year after year. I don't know when but I had a habit to write down my resolution and if you are interested to find out what did I accomplished for the past year these are the link to see them. year 2015 year 2014 year 2013 year 2012 year 2011 (didn't set) year 2010 year 2009 Whao, that's persistant I know. I went through all those resolution and I tend to hit almost 50% of the list I want, its really because I am setting myself up for smaller targets. Its comforting to know that targets can be met. Let's review last year resolution like I always did. Get 120k annual income (almost met) Lose weight to 72kg (failed) Going Champion forum (met) Go Korean and Europe (korea met) Quit Smoking  (failed) Year 2015 was not a bad one, albeit year 2014 I was more driven in running for the Champion forum. Well, I did manage to did well in my jo