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Aftermath of my compilance to tier runner

Compilance case over and done with. Manager cover i think, which i don't know what is happening. This sega is over. Starting afresh.  I was promised better booth since compilance incident which i think struck me hard and i get starting to wake up my fucking idea. Jan did 35 ntb desite my compilane leave of 7 days and feb did 46 ntb. Boss ask me to run tier. If i get tier 2 i get my dream coffee maker from him. Between us we stood a 100 ntb meaning march got a little catching up to do. Since 10th march i threw in 61 ntb. And now still fighting hard. Aiming tier 2 110k loan and top team challenge.  Visan's card holder My card holder brought today and it is a face out model. Love it! Mimi, trang, tracy and moon all humburglang went back to vietnam already. One after another come back on different dates. Currently concentrate on working first.  Chi meo you will be missed. Come back soon. Partial of team CT and KT coming for new year lao yusheng. We are sitting back to back team so