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New objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) in german was a movement arose during the 1920s as a reaction against expressionism. "The portrait of Sylvia von Harden" by Otto Dix.  Expressionism sought to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality.


We had not been contacting for a week. But not only are women 6th sense the most accurate. I think mine is relatively accurate most of the time. I believe you went back to him. If you are asking if its worth it, I guess I had always say, follow your heart, if your heart want it then go for it. Relationship needs to be managed by 2 person, if you are willing to compromise a lot of things can work out. All the best.

The last of us 2

The start with a movie so let end with a movie. This last movie event was a success. Ethan offered free ticket to ghost buster. Its a qua-couple date if you havent realised. Well, underground date are not suppose to work i guess. But i was very appreciative you could make it to my social friend gathering albeit only one and only time.    This one year was great. I couldn't have ask for more. You are one geniune person who care and concern about me. We had the lot of fun together.  We were at bugis and you taught me the 2 minutes script on prispecting. You see me thru my peak of my career and to my falling of an empire. The transition is hard but i would need to face it by myself. In this world, who could i trust other than myself to help myself. I am atheist, and while people draw faith from religion, i draw faith from myself a lot. As an introvert people, my energy would only be draw from within and not from anyone else.    My heart had been closed for a long time. And now it had

Joining Greast Eastern as financial advisor

Lets start a little bit on this although I m still not offical. The process of getting my license took forever, and I had been waiting for 6 weeks since my application had been put up to MAS. Well in case you havent know, I had switch career from Citibank to Great Eastern. A long reason why I didnt join AIA and Finexis. Well that should be on another post if I have the chance.  During these period of time I just went for some social events. Like the mid year convention. And that put my mind at least as I was paranoid about why there are so many senior and elderly agent from GE. After the convention I was convince that there are still great youngster around.  There my team for sure. Although not the biggest agency out there but still a whole of great hearted individual who geniunely care about people like me. Well, if you think insurance first year is on very steep learning curve, you are most definitely correct. It will base heavily on the culture, support, mentality and leadership of

NDP 2016 preview

It is not a happy post. I was never happy for national day since I was young, i had never attended any national day parade and never watch it on TV as well. All i know about national day is just fireworks nothing else.  People told me that i should have attended it in primary 5 which I had no recollection on it at all.  I did participant it once during army while I was the driver on lightstrike. It is those follow thru motion kind of thing. All i have to do is just follow instruction and waiting for be fed pizza and KFC.  Well. It was a many first time for me. Including going NDP (preview) for the first time. First time wearing my Yankees baseball jesery I brought in Korea. First FB post that I tagged you. Many first time for me.  It truely amazing what I had went thru with you. First time so serious about it. And for once doing it right. But doing it "right" may not be good enough for you. I watch a monk's talk today and think its better i let things be. It is what it is