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XX changed blogskin inspires me

Not until Lorjean informed me, I never know XX changed her blog skins . Now with all the girly girly stuff going on there, pinkish pinkish and dick VS vick (purposely spell wrongly) all about XX for life. Its super no life watching her blog already. Anyway, her design was better than the previous one, however some of her picture looked dreadfully blondy . But still, she had inspired me to "upgrade" my blog skin . Using default skin for the time being. Anyway, I had an insomnia yesterday night, probably due to all the late night over the weekend. My weekend wasn't awesome but wasn't bad either. Went to critic food again, and I start feeling like a spendthrift already. Too much money had been spent impulsively over unavailing items. This kind of mentality must stop already. Australian had been bashing Indian over at Melburne. Will they bash up the chinese?? I got a feeling that chinese are invading them slowly like how China Republic Citizen had been invading

Fujifilm S1500 picture sample

Miranda relentlessly psycho me not to buy second hand. Now I brought a brand new set liao . Happy already??? (nevertheless I still thinks second hand are more worthy). Reason for buying new one not because I had been convinced to, but because I really find some good deal on new set. Proudly present, Fujifilm Finepix S1500, prosumer camera which comes between point and shoot and DSLR . More manual setting compare to " Sa Kua Ji " but len not as define as DSLR . I am considerated amatuer photographer, neither am I very passionate to go into digital arts but the fact that I always like to try out new things precursored me to buying such expensive ($388) all inclusive camera. Fujifilm S1500 although made in china, but among its class, it offers the lowest budget with much option to play around with. My majority interest was it mega zoom ability. With its 12x optical plus 5.7x digital zoom, typically a good range for me. Anymore zooming is not practical as pictur

Best camera from different class

So vexed about which camera to buy for Australia trip. I tried YS Powershot S5 IS. A middle class ultra zoom of 12x, too much option for operation, driving me crazy. Fine, so I decided.. Go for point and shoot camera better, auto setting is the easiest to use. However I would like to leave my manual setting option open, in additional I would like to have it running on AA battery. Filter, filter ...... Canon Powershot A2100, with 6x optical zoom... okie lah ... Okie , camera chosen . Shall we come back to mobile camera... *roll eye* Tala ~ Presenting the best 5mp till date, outbid even some 8mp phone (self proclaiming ) Still my lovely N82. My passion of love grew exponentially , day after day. Bring on any 5mp phone and do a shot comparison, I shall knock you out before you your len locks a focus. No lah , on a serious note, I really can't find a better 5mp phone. Because I would already be changing to that if I can find. However, SE is coming out with a cybershoot C901

Which camera should I buy?

I plus noodle, $3.00 My mother ordered normal, $2.50 I don't think there is a big difference except one more 'wan tan' and 3 pieces of 'char siew'. The store auntie previous life must be a cat. Sibei niao eh leh. So long never see my Spark 135 liao right.. Money hard to earn, work like a dog, with only $500 a month. And this month I going to spend it on camera. Sure not enough, somemore must top up a bit one. I going oversea, Bendigo soon. I don't often go oversea, so that's a rare opportunity definitely. I hope to capture all the nice moment on digital. Thou my N82 will be nice plus, but it serve only as a point and shoot. I going to skip compact point and shoot digital cam. N82 aptly perform to my expectation. My friend, please advice me on what type of camera to buy. Middle class super zoom camera? (zoom to 12x optical) lens cannot be replaced.. or Digital SLR (better quality) but need to carry a lot of stuff.. Advise

Prawn fishing at Bishan Park

After researching from the internet for best location to prawning, Li ping and I decided to go Bishan park. Or rather I am the only one who was making the decision. Hai Bin U Enterprise Prawn Fishing in Bishan Singapore 603, Sin Ming Avenue Singapore 575735 Tel/Fax: +65-6554-1986 $15 - 1hr $25 - 2hr $30 - 3hr Bus numbers 130, 410, 162, 52 stop along Sin Ming Ave Bus numbers 13, 74, 88, 130, 851, 852 stop along Marymount Rd. I virgin prawning experience last night was fun and sian at the same time, because if the prawn hook your bait, you are happy. Otherwise its sian . You have to literally stare blankly at the float. A dip into the water tells you that prawn is nibbling on your bait, and you have to 'shoot' at the right timing. The whole 6 hours you will have nothing that interest you, except the dip of the floater. Even with so many pretty girl, they failed in grabbing any of my attention. I want my monster prawn tonight! Basically we were both inexperience, th

zn5 vs n82, who better??

Tonight there will be a fight out between 2 top notch mobile claiming to be pioneer mobile producer. Motorola zn5 vs Nokia N82. Both company were among the first to reproduce handphone years ago. Accredit to Chin Liping for generously lending her new brought for me to compare between my N82. Her K810i obviously would only try to chase my tail light was now out of the whole picture. Really compare with K810i really no kick. Before we start off our one on one, I would like to point out that both camera was really really good. Both have their strong points and bad points. zn5 was its unbelievable shutter focus, shot to shot less than 0.5 sec. Shot to shot I mean from time taken to focus to the next shot. N82 was basically good and vibrant color be it day shoot and night shoot but then, focusing to shot to save about 2 - 3 sec. But still very fast if you compare to other model of Nokia. Marco Shoot with flash fight 15cm N82 takes very good marco, color was vibrant and sharp through a