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Wendy baconator burger

This week is all about watch hell's kitchen about 4 complete season. Went out for basketball session and ending with 2 full meal upsize from Wendy's burger. Very nice.

KL trip

I haven't been blogging for so long, I almost forgotten my log in password. Phew... how long had I been gone? Now where do I start. See, I quitted Sembcorp, the company that had sponsored me my study. With gratitude but blessed that I am gone, for good. I commit to myself never to wear shirt and pants to work now. And yes, I am now comfortably dressed in my T-shirt, 3/4 pants and slippers to work. Ya I know, I do not have professionalism. Family update now. Parent is going through the divorce and my dad is refusing to sign the fucking paper unless he is being given 50% share on the HDB flat which he did not even contributed in mortgage. My mum is responsible for the payment through CPF, he has the cheek to rip my mother's effort. Cold hard cash leh. Gold price on the rise and I lost my bag of gold in my house. I estimate that it worth at least a 8k now. Its gone and the culprit still on the wild. I really should not have let my guard down despite he had been gone for 6 months