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Back to revising book

Completed my RES course and booked for the exam. Let's not be negative and say that I like changing job. I think I really had problem on your attention span. My passion last faster than goldfish memory -_- Why realtor? I think because it works somehow like selling stuff on Ebay. Heez... And I like property as much as I like civil. Sort of related right? And I know its tough and with the bad timing of all the cooling measures made it even tougher now to get into this industries. But hey, I got to do what I like to do and I have the energy and time to do it :) And passing RES is my 2012 / 13 resolution! At least I am still working on my checklist can. Excited to where it is heading to. Instead of studying for exam, I choose to spend my time watching survivor. On going is season 26, while waiting for refreshing of new episode, I back dated and watch season 9 concurrently. Can't get ozzy out of my mind cause he is damn charming and athletic. Legendary immunity challenger. Too b

Not be negative

I believe anyone that tries to leaves you has their reason. Do not hate them cause I will be asking myself if I am worth being after for. So instead of hating people and blame them for whatever reason, be forgiving and upgrade yourself. The only way for them to come back to you is to improve yourself and make yourself worthy again. Or make them regrets, anyway you win. So right now, I really has to not focus on the negativity and start doing something to bring myself up again. People love you when you learn to love yourself. If i were like my past self, I might be doing stupid things like ruining my life and be wasted. But now I learnt to let go. You can do it, gary. Jiayou