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jigsaw puzzle

just finished a 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle yesterday night. we spent 3hr to finsh it. intinally i thought tat doing jigsaw is a interesting thing to do, but i am kinda freak out now. i don't know when i am going to work on my second piece but definately not so fast cos the feeling of opening up a box with one lump of cardboard totally distorded out make me feel sick. watched three five movie this week. internal affair 3 - nice but complicated "shao nian ah hu" - ok lah finding "Jay Chow" - sux on the core di xia tie - not bad wang bu liao - very nice My course finally finish liao. now we are clearing leave till 31th... shack leh, don't feel like serving army liao.. but i don't like i have a chance.. two more years to go....

Wall painting... wif Lilian***

Yeah!! Finally finish painting my room with the help for Lilian. We spent around 8hrs before we can finish. At first my room was so empty that i can hear echo when i play music in my room. The new color is light green, very nice. I even touch up on the ceiling with white paint. Now the whole room is brighten up with life. Ya. i saw a computer table that suit my room a lot at the coffee shop near my house. It is those metal type and very stable. I wanted it very much. Qing He promise me to carry it up to my house one, but he break his promise. I called Yong Sheng and asked help from him. He agree at first, but later i called him again he rejected me. He told me that taking the table is considered stealing. He won't help me to take it as he is now a police officer. I was very disappointed at first. Lilian then say that she wanna help me to carry it back home. I was shock that she agree to help me carry it back ar. The table was very heavy for a gal to carry. somemore the place still

Pay day at J-BOX

Second day of the course.. very relax ar. like going to charlet leh.. eat and slp eat and slp. I purposely chiong till very late and dawn the night then i can slp throught out the day. I and billy slp inside a briefing room with air con somemore. there is a canteen below, so shiok, somemore the food there a lot of vareity and nice too. Start to grow fat liao... Pay out yesterday. i was so happy that i got 3,300+ for this month. I think i can go buy my digital cam liao. somemore can paint my room and buy furniture for New year. haha, yesterday so happy till i and lilian take a cab to "J-BOX" at 2350. i was so 'gan jong' tat i never off my computer and wearing short then chiong to J-box liao. Straight after i draw my money mah.. Haha we sing till 2am. i drink long island and tequllia sunrise. i was drunk dunno why....

dispute with owen lui

Today i recieve a sms from Owen_Lui (a gal i know when chatting in Yahoo Messenger). She say shi gary, bu yao ting bie ren any how say. are you still friend?? I don't know wat happen to her or anyone spead thing when i wasn't around... I was shock to receive that cos she was the best friends I know in Yahoo. I say we are still friend and ask her why she say that. The next msg was saying that she won't treat me as a friend anymore. This few days i wasn't free to chat on yahoo cos i have to finish this web site fast. Never thought that thing turn out to be so complicated. Gotta sort thing out with her as soon as possible. Today as i went into yahoo to chat, i come across one friend that ask me to slove a math problem for her. That was on factorization. I though i was able to do it as i alway do well in math. but come to that question then i realise that i return all my math to mt teacher liao. haha still planning to take O level this year, think i still have a lot to catc