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My Result - Ngee Ann Poly

Yeah, term break opened and first day of school, got back all my test paper. this is the result.. hydraulic = 88% math = 80% EHealth = 80% CAD = 73% LSurvey =74.5% year 1 sem 1 GPA = 3.76 yeah, all passed with good result.. although not too happy with CAD and Land survery which I think I can get better one loh. Anyway, really working hard to get the scholarship for next year.. Hope I can concentrate on study, 加油!! CT 82% EG2 84% ECO 73% ECA 81% SM 77% Year 1 sem 2 GPA = 3.75 EM3B 82% Geotech 98% EM 80% WSH 83% PM 70% Year 2 sem 1 GPA = 3.9091 By far the most happy result i got. Thought i miss 4 point just by a little bit. PManagement la. Year 2 sem 2 GPA = 3.500 By far the most disappointing result so far. But actually i worked quite work for this semester. I wonder how come i got so low mark. Cannot understand. Got feeling people under table stole my A's. Like QS, I had put in the most effort, but people leeching my stuff and improvise. Crap! I ho
so fast term break is coming to an end soon. enjoy myself during this two week where i go skating with them most of the time. my seba skate suck loh. so big and now one of the screw came off while i was doing slide and now i cannot find back the screw. sianz. need to buy screw for the skate. nothing to blog so maybe just post some picture up.
recently like nothing to blog about.. Because term break at home oso nothing interesting. went skating most of the time and slow learning to pick up. now able to skate properly, turn properly, brake properly.. like noob rite, but if u wan to learn all this properly oso not very easy de leh. now can reverse skating and doing some level one slides ie: acid slide and back power sildes. I can i will be concentrating on slides but it very expensive as it wear off the wheel very fast. Brought ten cone and preparing to learn some level one slalom trick ie: snake.. Ytd night went to carpark and try out and surpise that i can do snake loh.
If you are tired of hearing people keep talking about Maple Story, how about trying another game as fun as Maple?? From the production of Asiasoft ( producer of Maple ) Pangya !!!! Its completely free.. Free to try it out and add me as your friend in the game.. Seeya there...
Skate camp suxz.. It was meant to be a skate camp and I wanted to skate and learn new tricks. All they wanted to do is ice break with the team and ya, I got the worst GL ever. A twins.. No leadership at all. Like two small boy and their skating skill is kinda weak. Or should I say weaker than me. Food for me is alright, no comment and the way they handle Liwen's vegetarian food is like "they are not interested loh", even give her the food that is brought frm non-vegetarian stall. Suxz.. Liwen very poor thing, pay $20 for those food, which cost less than $10. Those committes was so high to display their slides but didn't even bother to teach us in small groups. Just expect us to join in them. Well, they should try to be a noob then ask them to embrasses themself in the beginner's corner and ask they how they feel. No chance to take photo, my N73 just sux.. obviuos when I am trying to take photo. People will try to hide here and there, so make me dun feel like ta
Very long never update my blog liao. Common test week is finally over and I can say I did a nice job.. Confidence of all the paper so no worry except again for my IAC.. This Monday there is a coming skate camp in school, 11th - 13th.. And yes, there will be CCA point, yeah!!! So what I am CCA point thirsty, CCA point very important loh.
Doing my Hydraulic tutorial 3. Just finished and wanted to move on to additional question. Arhhh!! got 11 question and all many time difficult than tutorial question loh. Exam next week. A lot to study especially EH. Okie, I think I am catching up, had taken Land Surverying common test. I think I will do well. Hope so... School getting boring cause a lot of emotion going on around me. Friend's face all black black. Everyone start to get very emotional very frequently. Affect my mood in school. All my concentration went to her, I turn very emo when she is emo. How can we make her life better and happier? Had to clear IPPT before September, sickening.. My stamina very poor, tell me how to run 2.4km in 10min? speed needed to pass IPPT 2400m/600sec = 4m/s average singaporean walking speed 9m/10.11sec = 0.89m/s percentage of increasing in speed ( 4/ ) m/s = 4.49 times If this look like very easy to accomplish.. believe me, go and try to run a 2.4km sometime and tell me if increasin