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Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Summary

Rich dad poor dad was the first financial book I ever read when I was a teen. It was the only book that I manage to finish reading. I was given to me by an MLM leader from Amway. I believe it was called the bible of multi-level marketing, due to the ability to influent the way you think about money. As financial knowledge is surprising not taught in school. You are typically being taught by your parents who haven't got a clue about it either. Unless of course if they are already at the 1%. With that most of us is miseducated on financial planning. I had made a summary of what you can find in this book below.

48 Laws of Power Robert Greene Summary

Power and influence is everything is this power hunger era. It is for people who love office politics and everyday power struggle with other leaders. It is not for the Mr nice guy, this evil and cunning book teaches you how to exploit people weakness and emotion. With power comes more corruptions. Being powerless is as good as being helpless. Knowing these tips is inevitably going to help you since the game of power is inescapable. You need to know it to see it.

The 4 hours workweek Timothy Ferriss Summary

If rich dad poor dad is a bible to MLM, then four hour work week by Tim Ferriss is a bible to "digital nomad".Every backpacker read somehow this book. Tim Ferris is known for coining the word "Lifestyle Design" and also know to define the current mentally of the Millennium group aka The New Rich. It centric on defining differences between financial freedom from being wealthily rich. This book talks about how to escape the 9 to 5 rat race trap and living a more meaningful which is geographically unrestricted.