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Looks like I can't chase a women. I am ashamed to say that I didn't manage to woe the girl I like in my life time. So sad to say that. There is 2 persons that I really put in heart and soul. I always thought that you have to give love to receive love. However when I give love, I got friend zoned. Always!!! Throw back to age 19, when I met Karen at L****house. She is the first lady I chase in my life. Some of the memory and stuff that happen at that moment is still vivid in my mind. I remember that time when we watched MVP qing ren and the song grew on me. I know I looked noob when I was 19. And that time my best army friends also like Karen so we both chase together. I reckon that time was I was too passive. Didn't take enough initiative and now of cause she is happily married and I am happy for her. She is my first regret which I cannot become couple no matter how hard I tried. So as time goes by, I think I need to be more aggressive, more straight forwa

32 Birthday at Johor

Today is my birthday and I took 4 day leave from work, i had the whole day today with PL. We had not been going out too often, I think we had only went out twice including today in the morning for a whole day event. First time was where we go to east coast to picnic. Today we had an itinerary planned out at Johor, we going in at around noon time and go and had our lunch at Jalan Segget. Which supposed to be Ya Hua gui teow was they had closed early due to sold out. We end up having lunch at Huang Di Ya just beside. After lunch we moved to Holiday Plaza to window shop so knock off and pirated CDs. A lot of handphone casing so we both had our handphone skin and metal bumper. I got myself a couple of Blue Ray and Mac video editing software.