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Dictionary word information missing, install word database error

N-series default dictionary database error is caused by using of non-factory memory card, hence the phone is unable to locate the database for the English - Chinese Simplified dictionary. To reinstall the data base into the new memory card: Download the database in zip format here Unzip into your memory card. Done. You can now open your dictionary. Alternatively, from your computer, double-click on [My Computer] and open the [Memory card name] Removable Disk Drive. Unzip and copy all the files with sub-folders to "\\[Memory card name]\private" folder in your memory card. p/s: Tested to be working on N82, N95 and N73.
This blog is like growing spider web already. Keep having difficulties in finishing my blog post. Got a couple in draft but doesn't feel right to post it online. Okie, I enjoyed 1 week plus into my holiday and basically just resting and rotting at home. Watched a lot a lot of hong kong drama. A couple I think. Funshion run out of good english drama already. Other than rotting at home, most of the time catching up with old friends. Like today meet up with Yong Sheng, Hsiong Wei and Liping at Orchard. Eat and drink coffee while updating who's getting married and who's already married. Like very fast, the time. If I hao ming. I am already a father. Haha.. End up as usual, finding hard to decide on a place to go so when to Cathey planning to catch a mid night show "Final Desination 4". Due to some legal issue, we dropped the whole idea. Thanks YS for posing, "catch red handed during masturbation" expression Okie, right now getting really excited about

Last night at Melbourne

I am really really late on my updates. Already one week into our holiday, I still owned my Australia trip's update. I promised to sum up everything and post a finale for our last night at Melbourne. Therefore, here we goes.... First and foremost, we quickly took some picture of our company logo on our last day, as we were suppose to submit these picture of FMS video editings. Following by, we did a splendid presentation on our learning experience in front of our company. The crowd were very encouraging, thank you. And we impressed them enough of which they requested us to do an interview for the local newspapers. Which later the next day, were featured on page 2! Mai Siao Siao hor!! That last day, we went out for our lunch with my team and Yanru's team. After work, we went to chill at "the bridge" with Peter and surprisingly we were greeted with a rainbow the moment we got out of the front door. I then suddenly remember that the every first day we enter the buil

Jailbreaking Ipod 3.0 and above tutorial

Jailbreaking cannot be any easier. I was sourcing for ways to JB my ipod 2.2.1 version but in vain. So I upgrade it to 3.0 and just as I thought I would want to give up the idea of jailbreaking, I came across a hong kong tutorial explained in dummy proof method. I follow on screen instructions, downloaded 2 files and there I go. Jail BROKEN!!! *Evil Grin* + *Rise Eyebrown* Okie, I will make it really to follow. I jailbreak my ipod version 3.0 by click here . Please follow step by step and you are 30minutes away from true freedom. After you sucessfully jailbreak the ipod touch/ phone. Please optimize and stabling your ipod by following instructions over here . At this point of time you had jailbroken your ipod. Credit goes to The graphics speak for itself Okie, you went throught the ordeal and just found out that the whole big deal thing of jailbreaking was just simply an additioing of application "Cydia" on your ipod. I called that there "gate to th


Just finished OIAP presentation yesterday. And I am disappointed with it, not from me really. I think the system just letting me down. I know I did my best and I really put in effort and all, I just the "the other end" wasn't putting effort to see it. Whatever lah... So sickening now. Okie, finally I having holiday already and I already in spending spree. After I come back I think I spent whimmingly around 2k in Singapore. Buy LCD TV, ticket to China and N82 plus memory card. Yes! N82 again and again and again. My 3rd set of N82. I just hope I can save up a bit before going to Shen Zhen and carry on my slurge. I was too occupied to update my Australia trip. Last day we went to Eruka Tower, highest sky skapper in Melbourne, will post the update soon. Till then, enjoy our holiday. Thanks, Miranda, Vincent and Limin for coming to fetch us.

8th day clean of smoke

6 th August 4pm I gave in to the temptation of cigarette. A good 8 days for nicotine free body had been polluted, once again. I was under a lot of pressure from writing my final report and yes you can call that an excuse. I was reading the assessment criteria and realize that technical content constitute 40% and for the matter of fact, my report was not written in technical aspect at all. Mine sort of like learning experience narration. I was really confused about how to write my report, should I write it the way the lecturer wants it or should I write it in the way which I think its best for me? You must be disgusted with the fact I took the report so seriously. But I really feels the weight on my shoulder, when you are at the top, you had more expectation and you don't really want to be a let down. Failure no longer is an option. And failure in this case does not the 50% benchmark but it simply means not achieving whatever you wanted to achieve. So I asked Raj to spare me a

Gossip girl identity revealed

Me and Yanru now crazy over gossip girl. Currently on season 2. Spoiler ahead "You know who i'm? that's a secret I never tell. You know you love me, XOXO gossip girl" Infamous quote said by gossip girl herself. A supposedly anonymous narrator behind the making of gossip girl blog. But had came to light to be. Kristen Bell Kristen Bell as Elle in Heroes and taken with "Claire bear" So the gossip girl is actually a very pretty lady. In heroes she had the ability to dissipate electrical shockwave. So why are we so crazy over gossip girl, I thought anyone who watches it will be crazy over it. Full of pretty boys and sexy girls, a lot of kissing and touching. Sex, drug and profanity. Like I learned this from Blair: "Oh my effing god." Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald Ed Westwick as Chunk Bass Penn Badgley as Dan Hamphrey Blake Lively as Serena Van de Woodson Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf Taylor Momsen as Jenny Hamphrey If you are a

I brought a coffee plunger, finally

Cigarette makes it possible to get out of bed in the morning, while coffee makes it worth it. - Gary Ng Today I going to talk about something my favorite. Coffee. and BTW stopped smoking for 6th days already. I remember my first exposure to a coffee machine in Haato cafe. During then, I must be able to make simple coffee with espresso base. Making espresso on the machine was not difficult at all. But then I got trouble streaming the milk, always ending up burnt. (over streaming) So now I had been improving. Why leh. Because I had been practicing with my company's espresso machines. Rinse with hot water Grind coffee powder Tamp it Running preferably 9 bar pressured water to extract the coffee oil Froth the milk tip: start from the middle and let it swirl the milk around My daily latte fix. FYI golden brown is called 'crema' For those who knows me, I had a very addictive personality. There isn't a word as "addictable" however I was trying to express th

Melbourne same sex marriage protest

We went Melbourne yesterday, mainly to shop DFO and source for hotel. And it was so cool because we witness a protest happening at federal square. (like marina square) Protesting for same sex marriage. We were walking and suddenly confronted with commotion across the streets. Hundreds and thousands of people cheering, shouting and chanting about same sex marriage. I read on the news 5000 people involved in the protest. It was so cool, I mean the act of protesting. The central of Melbourne literally stop functioning, all passer by just stood there taking photos. Cars halted and road closed. Traffic police had to be deployed to direct the traffic. The exhausting line marches across federal square Whao, so hardcore Policeman that stood helplessly watching the parade The people carried red balloon and signboard asking for equality in love. They believe that the power of love will one day overcome the power of fear, even if it was coming from the same sex. And the parade ends where 6