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Working here is like playing sim games and there are items for unlock. These items are so common it is like sop issued by the company. Come let me run u through some of the whats hot  Ray ban spec Gold neckecles in assorted design Bottega veneta braclet Hermes braclet Rolex watches Abacus gold ring Hermes men's belt Ferragamo men's belt Rad russel purple laced leather shoes Port international document bag Don't take my words for it. Next time if you happens to come accross a sales officer observe them yourself. 

Voe trip to thailand

Its so difficult to get a break from my work. I didnt manage to clear any leave since january where i went to vietnam for a short 5 days trip. I was on my compliance leave.  Then company had an voe trip for employee 8 months later, i took the chance to get a break from work. I can't believe i worked continuously for 8 months. Even ah diem came for one month i only got 1 day time to meet up with her. Seriously i got so busy or not? My thailand trip 3 days 3 night rounds up very simply. Chiong and sleep and chiong and sleep and chiong and sleep.  Got to use my ages b ($650) bag for first time. Just for a trip like a bit wasted hor.  Seond morning got into our amari 5 star hotel. Fully paid thanks to company.  Got together to have a dinner before heading to the once in a life time experience. "20 years down the road when you look back in your life you can proudly tell ur children that you have been to pimp" - dylan Pimp is a atas high class society gentleman club. Strictly m

Rolex green hulk vs Batman

New wishlist. I am contemplating between rolex green hulk and batman. Its common to have certain model of rolex to be nick named. Just like the one on the left, is submariner 116610LV which is know as the "green hulk" and on the right is GMT 2 day and night 116710BLNR often known as "Batman". Currently if you were to visit rolex outlet there will be only 3 model going at premium price. Premium price basically means that the watch is selling at above recommended retail price. They are stainless steel daytona, green hulk and batman. There model watches do not have a discount yet is sold as amazing fast speed and customer normally need to be in the waiting list. Yes. I am happily married to Daytona stainless steel black face which is considered the most desirable rolex and a collectors must have. You are never wrong with Daytona SS. The saying goes, "You are always on time, even when you are late." After comparing between the next 2 premium watc

That fucker left us two, celebrate

Finally the fucker is out of our house. We are so happy and i cannot put them in words. We are elated!! We had also went through 1st and 2nd appointment and finally completion date we manage to took bavk the keys and changed our lock for good. Now its only mum and me. I love to have a dog as companion if time allows. See my mum is so happy even she had to help him pay for legal fee. We are glad it is over.  We bare all legal cost and kind of lose out to him but we are glad its over. My mum had never been so happy paying for so much money :) she is smiling as she hands over the money and money well spent! Room is emptied out. See. Ready for rental. We are packing to lease out 2 room before oct. And i will have to bare $1250 a month deducting my cpf for the next 5 years.  Finally got my coffee maker as a reward for hitting tier 3 last quarter. Couresty of boss who motivated me. Used once and kept it there since.  Sunny got a couple of shot when i w