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Confirmed sitting for champion forum 2015

Omg. Half way working at woodland ss, whatsapp just kept ringing. When i haave my time to look at my phone, my whatsapp was filled with well wishes from all my colleauge. Some even called me to tell me the name list had been finalized for champion forum.  Well. This recognition means a lot to me and its not without tear, swear and blood.    I am not being arrogant. I constantly finding myself attaining merit in the things i put in effort in. I believe no mediocre and you plan to invest time to do something, i want to do it good if not best. A lot people tend to be so negative quoting people who fail terribly at attempt to do something.  Like for etc, there are already so many handphone shop alr, so many property agent got drop off and only handful of them make it bla bla bla.   They are always being hold back by the thoughts of failure. But they do not believe in themself that success is all about, staying focus, preserve, passionate and never give up. These are sure fire receipt for b