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Neo V camera and video sample : Break for lunch

Hi people. I will show case my new purchased phone Xperia Neo V's photo and video quality. However as this is my blog, I will not be writing the review so you have to take judgement for yourself: New purchase: Curve 8520 :) (Macro mode with flash) Auto mode without flash Macro without flash Recently heavy involved in the admin building renovation. Hmmm, technically I am the ID for this project :) First time working as a execution for project, super prefer this over engineering department. If I was here at the very first place, I might not have made up my mind to switch you know. Too bad. Auto mode with flash My humble little workstation, lappie. Auto mode Enjoyed myself at work most of the time, especially lunch time going out with all the old man and debate on pressing issue of Gen Y kids. Video on auto mode Recently just rained a lot

Game "Werewolf" at Batam Harris

Over the weekend when for a getaway at Batam with Hippocampus. I thought its was going to bore me to hell, turn out it was pretty fun. Probably again, those are all youngster and undergrad, by right should be more happening. I reached on time while many other was late, there is problem at confirming the ticket as the queue was quite long. End up we missed the 840am ferry and had to take the 1015am one. Hence we lost the whole tour package itinerary.   Checked in to Harris and spent the day at Nagoya. Dinner at one of the street store and end up we the 18 pax made a bunch of orders.

if there is a right timing, its now

Everytime I tell my mum about my intention to venture into business, she never fails to pour an icy cold bucket of water down my head. She will then list down a series of example how many of the people she knew failed in business, including the joint venture with my father year ago. Reassuring me that its very hard or impossible indeed to be sucessful. All the uncertainities, insecurity, time and efforts to be put in etc etc. She encourage me to stay one more year . People always waiting for the right timing to move. There is no right timing for me. Right time to do it, is to do it now. But thanks for all of the people who puts me down and questioning my abilities. As a kid with rebellious nature, the more opposition voice I garner just add fuel to my passionate flame within my inner soul. Just like Naruto, the nine tail beast had been seal into my soul since young, and ready to offer me the unmatchable strength upon request. Even geomancer said my life weights 3.7 ounce heavier,
Just when I thought admin building renovation is easy. Problems started to surface. I am bless with 3 on going project to keep my working hours occupied. On the weekend moon lighting with YS. As and when do some trading. My life is so full of myself right now. Oh ya, still that is toast master club and the SDN. Might wanna go join the party on 16th Dec :) Batam trip soon, then follow by shen zhen trip and thailand trip. Or and Naruto and survivor and 百里挑一。good job, gary. Probably going 东门 this week and hope can go skating on weekend. Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.1
Really neglected the blog for like the pass one year. I felt miserable for failing to update my blog, which were once like a commitment I did weekly. Blame it on my work, nothing really interesting to blog nowaday. My phone had not been taking picture like they did last time. Actually my phone didn't take any photo at all. I want to change another way of blogging. Don't want to post food and place anymore. Now I want it to be thoughts provoking entries. Okie, update for my life. For past 3 months, I had been working hard at work, explored the option of entrepreneur with a join venture. Failed. Now trying to clear stock with buddy's help. Set up an online store.  Watch 百里挑一, 谁能,survivor season 23. Oh btw, I hope ozzy can win one time this round. Coach, suck balls.    This 2 got together today, which I think is very fake. Don't know why. I think the guy is lame.