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VOE 2015 and outing to Attitude

This month got a chance to visit KL for VOE and we are extremely extremely bless with good luck to be allocate to KL instead of our usual Bangkok. On the 2nd day of our  LOL to this group of people. Yi Dai is activating full battle order in Sept when the 慈禧太后 is not around. Happy hours and happy hours coming and surprise we will be over performing when we are happy - I N G. Five star hotel  Riggit drop to all time low now 1sgd to 3.02 riggit. When we exchanged we got the rate of 2.98. Still consider high. The whole VOE trip had got anything to do with our company is this mandatory dinner with departments head and play the ice breaker games. The rest is all about drink drank drunk.  I do however stay indoor most of the time to take break over all the stressful works. One particular night dunno when, i brought NPL to try her first night at Thai Disco Icon 2. Saw sheng ge they at the table, swap to Attitude out of the blue. The scenery is breath taking

Epicurean Market at MBS

Whoa 2 things I like to share with you all in this post. First one will be one of my favourite road show so far. Epicurean market at MBS where all the celebrities chief host their menu in bite size and reduced price all at one place. The hall is big and its general split into 2 session. There is one side which is the dining area almost close to 20 different restaurant had their kiosk servicing their signature dish. The other half of the hall generally is the take away session where you can take home top class ingredients and wine, cheeze and oyster!! You know I like Gordon Ramsay and although he is not physically here, I am so excited to try out all the good stuff that he got to offer at his kiosk. Price wise is steep, for my spending capacity, Prepare to set aside a $80 - $100 per person to even get your stomach 3/4 full. First killer is that the entry fee is $28 just to have access into the Epicurean market. So before you even start eating you are already $28 poorer

Picnic experience at Pasir Ris

This month is dating month for me. I hanged out with PL for almost very alternate day from one month. It all started from a simple movie at PS. And the date invitation from me is relentless. From Movie, Cludding, Dinning, Shopping and most of the time just watching drama together. Sushi at Ikoi  Where is the best place to watch drama? We liked staying in the car and watch drama and eat supper together. The most outrageous meal we had on the car is sting ray, tulan soup with baked bread and bar chor mee from bedok 85. Some of the places we like to park the vehicle are not limited to kallang leisure carpark, mount faber and pearl's park at top of the hill. This is just to get serenity without much people walking around us. Nothing fishy is going on, pure entertainment on Ipad and Divoom speaker. The outing starting to get mundane and I had brain storm to better ideas to hang out, and we wanna try picnic. This planned outing I had been preparing for like a week and slowly get

Sales Rally 2015

It's jubilee SG50 celebration where we got 4 days off from work. It could be the one and only time in my career that we will be enjoying free 4 days off work. Thanks and that will be the only reason I am appreciative towards SG50. Last week we had our Sales Rally again happening twice this year. I remember my previous 2 times was at Shanghai Dolly and this time round we were hosted at Neverland 2. This year theme is "all black" when some new faces joining us and leaving of a veteran. For the comparison I want to show you how we look from previous 2 rally and the people who had left and joined us. Flashing back: Feb 15 Sales Rally Theme "Hawaii" Jul 14 Sales Rally Theme "Glamous" A lot had been changed in our team landscape and major shift of power when 2 of our pillar leaves us. I had growth a lot and many things happened where it too much for me to write them in a post. I remember last time I told people I am the toothpick o

Escape game at bid Eileen farewell

For the longest time. I had the time to write a blog post. Sometime i just lack in content because my life now is so repeatative. For the longest time that the citibank giving us official off day due to SG50. Credit goes to Amos Yee and Opposition party.  Today boss invited us for lunch and escape room activities.  And this is a full group photo as of aug 2015. Everytime We took group photo, there are ppl resigning and new hirer coming in. This is also to bid eileen off  as she future to become a trainer.  We went to to play our escape game and by going to peace center and the amount of ppl playing i did not place a high hope that the game is interesting. I was wrong. It turns out rather positive and i love the game.   The one we choose is "alcatraz" where the theme is about 3 inmate escaping from an island which prove to be un escapable. I was bored by the theme initially but end up i enjoyed the game. We did not manage to escape in an hour, but because the next grp