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Jim Carrey is crazy literally, or is he?

One of my friend Alan had point my attention to a recent article about Jim Carrey sanity and I would like to discuss a little more and provide my own insight into this episode. Jim is one of my idols and he is famous for his role in ACE ventura and The Mask. He is of course known to be a comedian later turn into a inspirational figure to many as he is also a two time winner of oscar. The purpose of my articles is the Jim Carrey shares a lot of common attritubes as me, of course excluding the measurement of success and influent. I am definitely not remotely suggest I am like Jim carrey. I would like to use his story as a reminder to take away for myself.

Ho Chi Minh Unlearn everything and start everything again

When I was younger around 12, in my head is all about thinking to age faster till 18 so that I will have the freedom that I had always hoped for. After my parent let go of me and I finally get to decide what I want to do with my life. Instead of heading towards freedom, I am slowly getting trapped. Where are you now, Gary