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Military lisence convertion...

after one and half years of driving in military vehicle, i finally clock 8000 km. that's sure not a easy thing to do. soon i am going to go down to MT line to have my class 3 converted. let's hope it doesn't get too long cos i am craving for the lisence now.. why? it is because my father wanna share with me to buy car. and when he say he will buy that's mean he really will. anyway it is his idea to buy the car. even thought i had saved quite a sum of money cos i need not take my lisence at driving centre. but it was the experience i was grateful that driving gave me. i have been driving for one and a half years on-road and off-road, thought that is this 50km/h limitation but i proundly say that i am good at traffic suitation. i know wat to look out for and how to handler my vechicle. i am also happy to say till now, i have't meet with any accident and i am going to maintain this standard. funny thing are i still haven't pass my class 2b lisence. i have been t

Brought A MP3 player

have to control ar. spend $550 in two days. wao, friday night go chiong spent $400, then this mp3 cost me $150. wat more to come? hai dun know leh.. money put lilian there doesn't help me in saving leh. only making more effort done. instead of pressing money from the ATM, i haf to call her up ask for a account transfer then press money from there. i have to book in back camp in another 2 hrs time.. nothing to write...
saturday morning, as usual hang over again. read from FHM that alcoholic drinks are fatty for body.. especially beer. followed by liquor and then wine. that's why i gave up drinking beer and pick up liquor. went to RUSH yesterday night. we opened Bacardi at 180 nett. we asked for discount but then they say that it was a premier liquor. it contain a high alcoholic content of 40 percent. unlike terqilla or martell, bacardi cannot be drank without mixture. it can burn your liver. as soon as we settled, two gal came looking for seats.. as the whole pub was occupied. i offered to share our table with them. (that was the same old trick i used to know gals) too bad they saw their friends there before they sit down so they thanked me and get to the table where their friends are. but at least i got their name. not long after 3 more gal came to sit down at a table beside us. they didn't know that the table was reserve for some other ppl so again i offer to share table with they saying

Ah Gong

Having heard that HK female singer Anita Mui lose her fight to cancer few days back remind me of my late grandpa. He passed away on Sept 2002. That day I was inside my camp as usual 'zo bo lan'. Suddenly i received a phone call. from the sobbing voice of my uncle, i can feel that something is wrong. that would probably the first time i hear my uncle crying. instantly i gave my father a call asking him to fetch me to hosiptial. on the way on my father's car, he was crying. i was very sad but i could hold back my tears. it was my grandpa who was dieing. but i wasn't that hurt. the bond with my grandparent was very strong till i moved back with my parent when i was 10. our relationship also fade away with time. when i enter the room i saw all my relative. the one laying on the bed was my grandpa. he was so skinny, not the one i used to see. those cheerful smile and lovely eye weren't there anymore. all my relative was crying cos they have lost a good father. i didn&#