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Left 4 dead

Now if you go any lan shop, you will see many people playing left 4 dead. A new survivor horror game. I love survivor horror game even since I started to play resident evil on PS1. I got addicted to the intensity of horrifying zombies and the frightening music streaming on the background whenever the 'bosses' are near. I felt the chill when I was a kid, but now I just play for the sake of reminiscing my thrill. Now new era of horror surviving game extended to multiplayer platform, where you can now verse 4 on 4 with your friends. Battling between the 4 human survivors and horde of infected control by the other 4 players. Play as one of the 4 human survivor Or play as infected, where you can choose from the bosses to control: tanker, witch, bomber, hunter etc Now all my classmate beta-ing the game. And I think that you really need to reinforce team work when you play the game. It was designed to play as a team. If you just wanna flag zombies and venture out alone, the AI

OIAP attachment at Bendigo

Industry Attachment Programme results were out today. No one actually tells me about it, until I overheard people were talking.. So went to check the results... In case you were interested in where I had been posted to... Sembcorp Industries Ltd 9 March to 13 June ( 14 weeks ) then Coliban Region Water Corp Bendigo, Australia 15 June to 14 August ( 9 weeks ) Yeah!! I am going to Australia. You know I had been there twice, so going this time going to make it the 3rd time. I went to Perth for holiday. All I can remember is the coral which we went to dive. Then second time I went to Rockhampton, a off urban area or you can say it a small town. Thats where I went during Army for my oversea A tec training as a enemy. All I can remember was the cool and dry weather over there. Really shiok!! At Perth with my parent for holiday Taken at Rockhamton with Army friends for A tec training I am super afraid that it will snow at Bendigo because it means that I had to pay more for winter

He sibei bastard

There was an old Chinese way of saying; 家家有本难念的经 Just as I thought that I had a wonderful life ahead, year 2009 wasn't so good for me after all. I heard a lot of broken families story and I really pity all my friend who had to bear with all the hardship since young. I was after all quite contented with my family background. I had a nice and lovely mother at home. Bearing all expenses for our family without a single ranting at all. Despite my father occasionally played bastard on us. Stole our money and commit adultery and stuff, but as go as me and my mother are concern, we take it silently if no trouble was bring back to our house. But that was not the case now. Something changed. Recently, my dad was acting all strangely. Kept reminding us not to open the door if someone was to knock on our door. He said it too often a time and of course we could smell something fishy. Giving us the reason was that he didn't wanna pay for TV license so people will come check on our house.
Same model with mine, but why ppl mod till so nice?? Tomorrow I must go and return "tai shui" for my mother. Last year my mother fan tai shui. I helped her to An tai shui, to ensure every thing goes well for the year 2008. And the practice is when you borrowed, you have to return it. Like libray books like that. Or else you get a fine or something. So tomorrow will be the last day of 2008. Date due for me to return "tai shui" le. SO I HAVE TO REMEMBER TO RETURN TMR. I procrastinated for too long a time. Hai. And then recently, I realized that some friends around me had been talking how much in love with him or her lah. Blah blah blah. So envy them, at least that got some target and falling in and out of love kind of stuff. But how come I don't have one leh. I thought I quite lovely mah, but how come no one wanna love me and stuff leh. And the problem is I can't even find someone to love :) Life so lonely without someone to love. That's why no e

BE BBQ and STRA testing

Okie, this is my 300th post. Yeah! Hmmm hahaha Okie. had not been updating recently loh. I am down will some sickness. I can't describe but I think it was quite serious. Keep falling sick on and off like for 1 full week already. My body was strong always, until now... Okie lets start off last friday, the BE BBQ night. Cuties 09 main comm But I think we are hotter!!! It had been my "zao pai dong zhuo" The infamous twist pose. Or just because that my expression for taking photo was so limited. So I lazily just pose the same over and over again. Sharon was the organizer and I think the event rocks loh. All was having fun and a lot of us was singing through the mic and amplify out for the big speaker, hoho. We had to use youtube as the source for the lyrics, and that's what I like about youtube. So useful for all purposes. I was imidating the Jam Siao singing bei pan, wahaha Okie, next. Let talk about the STRA tower testing. So ironic that we had to spend 3 da

Friends friend friend

A lots of time I had always question myself, why am I in the situation that I am in now. Why am I still a student when all my friends are working hard to earn their living outside. Why I made all the wrong moves and landed myself in my situation. Who should I blame? Who influenced me and stuff like that. If all matters broken down is called atoms then all possibilities and outcomes broken down is called choices. The fact that we choose to turn left instead of right in life affects the overall outcome of my life. Even if its the slightest decision to choose from gives a whole different possibility of result. Therefore weather if it is an preferable outcome ultimately depend on the choices we made in our life. But ironically, we doesn't know what are the choices that we had to make to result in the most preferable situation we want it to be. So we could only relies on our experiences, our institution to choose our choices in life. If I think I choose this, I will get there then may

guo an birthday celebration

Today's monday. I skipped class. STRA and WT which was the two very important module this semester. But due to the fact that I am very very sick, I never even felt so sicked before. I think either is I got a cold or must be food posioning from canteen 1. I really think the hygience level of the "yong tuo fu" wasn't up to standards. I seriously felt so sick that I wonder if I can go school tomorrow. But nevertheless, I still went out yesterday for main com birthday celebration. It not that I acted strangely, but I having fever, headache and musclar ache. But at least I was still there right? We meet up and then eat at "Astron". Somewhere in cathey that sell western food. They say cheap, I think okie okie loh. I spent $21 on my lamb and coffee. My lamb sucked, everyone busy munching on their food, like its super nice. I got a hard time finishing my food. p/s: off track, actually while I am typing now, I can't really feel my finger tip. Like it was froze
Catching up at Dolphin. All wild animal. Crazy brunch of people. Very iba night lah. A lot of "Chai" p/s: chai refer to women, preferable those pretty one. My night view outside my window. I never sleep yesterday. Came home only after 8am. Then head straight to school for STRA project. Cannot finish lah. 4 level, damn siong loh. THen I learnt two new word. Iba... Mean very good Like, eh you iba lah. Meaning like you are very good. Then peripheral vision. Came across a couple of time. So ya just trying to find its spelling around my friend. No one know lah. Except Yong Sheng. He say he learned it when he watched 40 years old virgin.

Revit 3D rendering

Today BIM lesson was so awesome, yes we learned to render 3D with Revit. Total mind blowing. First we sketch in site mood Then we shade it up Whoa, finally we render for 3D Plant our camera view to render interior view and btw the girl inside is called "yinyin" It do takes some time to render depending on the resolution. I totally think this programme rocks. Lucky I never choose those gardening or water pollution module :) Compete with EWT means you good game. A old updates on our Christmas gathering. Streamboat and "la mei zi". Hmmm, recommended not because it was super nice, but if you going for budget then it is a good choice. $15 nett Oh, btw the girl inside is an outsider. Meaning not from our class. It's Han's darling. These photo reminds me of my army life lah. "qing yi se" all boyz!!!

Flash application lesson 2

My second flash assignment The stuff learned today could enable me to construct a flash website. But just needs a little touch up. Cause I know it looks noob!

BE main committee camp

Long post ahead... We went for a 3 days 2 night main committee camp to bond with shortlisted main com for the year 2009. We were very honor, thanks to Guo An for booking the school loft for us. We had a wonderful stay :) I mean, whatever worst thing happened in camp, but just the idea that we were able to stay at loft made this trip worthwhile. Beautiful scenery, fully conditioned and awsome bathroom, so what's more could we possibly ask for. Day 1: Okie, starting off by meeting at the deck and do some introduction between the main com, div 1 and div 2. Basically to familiarize with all the faces and their individual names. Play some name game and so on. First activities had to blindfold the participant including us and we had to walk to BE axis. So basically some bonding game and stuff. In the end they looks like some bondage or hostage, haha Look how nice our main com shirt is. But too bad, there are flaw (inside joke) Basically they walked with eye closed and hands