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Pai pai ah gong

today leh.. i went to mandai there to "shao mu".. clean up ah gong 'mu'.. b4 that father, gu gu and me we go buy those joss stick lah, "hell money" lah and blar blar blar.. then after which we set off the the place liao.. there not too much ppl compare to last time i went there. we sreach for a while b4 we found ah gong.. my father clean the place and pour coffee and put a 'bao' for ah gong to eat. i standing there and start thinking.. if we burn all those thing will ah gong really get those money?? i think maybe bah.. then i starts to imgine that ah gong is there looking at us and miss us a lot. we take turn to talk to ah gong. i waited patienly for my turn.. while i was talking to ah gong half way i relise i was speaking chinese and english with ah gong.. he must be angry i think then i quickly tok in hokkien. i never say a lot much just tell him not to miss me and ask him to take good care of himself and look over me.. i felt crying but i dont wan