Korea, Seoul Jeju pre trip thoughts

How come I do not have the rush and excitement for Korean trip? I swear it has nothing to do with the people I go with, it is just I felt a great sense of regret soon after I book my air ticket to Korean.

First off, I am pissed that I didn't realise that we can do a multi destination booking. While we want to spend most of our time at Jeju island on car rental tour, I fucking go and book a return ticket to Seoul. Meaning that we had to travel to and fro Jeju island from Seoul. I feel lousy.

Secondly, I went through some post of the food offered in Seoul is all pork meat and Korean BBQ. I hate BBQ cause it make me fat. So much meat for 2 of us and I just felt sick thinking of the food. Unlike Japan we can have Sushi. Unlike China we could eat funny things like 老鸭粉丝,狗不理包子,麻辣香锅 so on so on. I almost immediately regretted not going to China.

I find it so hard sourcing for itinerary in Korean, its all about shopping which I absolutely dislike and the place of interest in Korean just looked so pack with people in others travel blog. I guess I phobia for Korean as they speak very rough and sound very vulgar. Not every girl look like jun ji hyun in korean, i will need to verify.

On a brighter note is, the weather is fucking awesome. Weather forecast temperature for afternoon is around 16 degree and at night is around 3 degree. Meaning what? It means that I will not fucking sweat one bit for these 9 days :) That makes me smile.

Moreover, we are practically visiting at Spring period which happens end March to end May. One of the best season to visit Korean because of the highly recommended cherry blossom, Sakura they call it in Japan, last for a very short span of time.

Lastly the things that made my whole trip worthwhile is the chance to eat live octopus. Exotic food in korean.

A.I knows Love OST Your Eyes, hope you enjoy the mood for this holiday



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