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Tribute to "Monday Couple" on Running Man

Running man had been a favour variety show in Korean for almost 7 years but I only start watching them when their program had been cancelled. It was just a very random opportunity that make me watch running man and not because their news on cancellation. Running man was first aired on July 2010 and I only happen to watch them in April 2017. And like most of the fan out there I was so 100% behind the famous Monday Couple. Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo but they stories was not all cherry merry. Below I shared a short 13 minutes on how these couple love developed in the first few episodes where Gary was the aggressor and express his love to Ji Hyo relentlessly till half way 100+ episodes where their on screen relationship was brought to a halt where Ji Hyo dated her company CEO in her real life. Things became awkward between them on running man. Of course Ji Hyo and her CEO relationship was not long last and they soon become close again. "I lives in Kang Gary" - Song Ji

Ah Ma passed away

From the very first day when we are born, our destiny is one less day towards death. The clock ticks seconds by seconds and nothing can be done about it. Bruce Lee once said that "If you love life, don't waster time, for time is what life is made up of". Recently, one news shocked me. My grandma passed away, and I was really close with them when I was smaller. Ah Gong had pass on since 2004, I remember blogging about it when I was in the army. Changes had changed and people and attachment had changed. Had a different feeling about life and death now compare to 13 years ago. In-between these 13 years I felt Ah Ma had suffered a lot. I still remember when I was at Ah Gong wake, Ah Ma was already wheelchair bound from stroke condition. But then she was still conscious albeit she had loss the abilities to speech. She weeping as she falls from the wheelchair and crawled towards Ah Gong coffin was then a heart wrecking scene till now I couldn't forget. She knew she

Success Formula in Life

Finally after watching so many show drama and variety show, today I learnt a very interesting words. Pygmalion effect. I wanted this word so much because it can be use to describe me but I didn't know the words to describe it. A lot of people ask me why I can be successful in some area and absolutely suck at some other area? How do I say it. Some of the area that I sucked in includes: Secondary school study where my AGG score is 45. Army Regular life as a very oblivious soldier that don't know what is going on around me. Sembcorp as a soul-less assistance Engineer Self employ in mobile shop, not motivated to excel. In GE, where I lost all purpose in life. Some area that I excel in includes: Primary school where my PSLE is 213 (Express) when I didn't even study anything at all. Private O at age 23 where I pass 5 O level with AGG 15 in 9 months. Diploma study with 3.96 cert with merit and chance to local U Citibank with 2 years of outstanding performance. t