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2013 resolution & wishlist

Its the time of the year for my own personal appraisal. Time to set new resolution and review on my old resolution for last year. I had highlighted at the bottom with green that all the item that I had achieved. For year 2013 Achieve 3k/month profit for buyincase shop Lose 8kg body weight to 72kg Get a property agent license Get to 3 different country this year 2009 comestically make over : Attempted in poly time, now revert back to old self get grades enough for me to enter uni: Achieved the grade, (very good job) quit smoking: Attempt a few time, quitted twice, once with Liwen and the other time in Bendigo treasure the most important person in my live: Still didn't change much socially more confidence and out going: Bad to worst overcome stage fright: Joined Toastmaster and host Lilian's wedding dinner :) 2010 wishlist Renovate my room: Not done Buy a good bed frame and matress: Achieved Second hand espresso machine: Achieved Ceiling fan in roo

New year celebration

Woa. This year 2013 could one of the best celebration for so long. Pass couple of years is simply dreaded through. This year i chiong so many places in one night. My youth is coming back. Lets break down. Meet xingyu to bishan haibin go prawning and spend the magical 12 oclock there. Everyone is rowdy and shouting when it almost 12midnight. Caught a few little big prawn but the caught that night is not ideal. We had satay, mee boon, chicken wings during the long 3 hours for waiting. After prawning we drove to golden mile and went that disco to have jug of ice cold beer, it is crowded and dirty that night. After beer we went down to have some nice thai food. Best. Since i drank beer, i cannot drive so we took a long walk from golden mile to nugis miiddle road. 1/2 hours we had a good heart to heart talk. Seem like she had a lot of similarity with me and also able to read me better than others. She knows what i want, what i really is and mu point of view. Soon we reach pool funsh