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Last semester started

Today got a little free time, so I am going to blog a little about these 2 weeks. I know I had been neglecting the blog for a long long time. But kinda busy nowadays. School had started, project came rushing in one by one. Modules were difficult and I had a hard time understanding what teacher were teaching. Though want to work hard in this semester but felt that my heart is somewhere else. Hmmm, actually nothing much happened these 2 weeks. Busy with school work, then everyday after school hang out with Liping window shopping around. Low in cash hence had to work almost every free day I left with, including Sunday! Super tired. Last weekend, went over to Liping house for one night. First time going up so don't even dare to face her father.. He allowed me to stay overnight sleeping in their brothers room. Sneaked in her room at the middle of the night :p Okie. Both of our N82 admitted to hospital. Mine one speaker not working. Factory fault, I didn't drop or anything. Just

Sabai with Golfer's Colleagues

Yesterday went with Golfer's colleague to celebrate "Mami" birthday. Initial they suggested the NTUC club at CCK. Turning out to be a big big disappointment. Totally 福建之夜 loh. Sort of like an indoor 歌台 show with air con nia. Then somemore all the auntie uncle dancing out of sort cha cha. Any song also dance cha cha, I don't know how to join into the crowd also. Then end up, I suggest going to Sabai Sabai. Some of them under 18 years old, we prayed for miracles to happen. And it did! The bouncer didn't check any of our IC. Age Limit at Sabai: Men 23 and above Ladies 18 and above "Mami" cutting cake We missed the liveband when we settled down in Sabai, so had to wait 45 minutes later for them, so we just order bottle and beer. Drink drink drink, then a bit tipsy liao, the liveband starts. Very high loh. All dance like siao char bo like that. Crazy nightz... Left to right: Aloy, Ah San, Kelvin, Wee Lek, Andus, Anaki, Mami, Yuki, Kit Zai, Khan, Gary

We are offical + Golfer's Terrance

I totally like working part time during holiday. Otherwise I will just slack my time away because too much time for too little things. Now working, I had very little time for too much things hence I had to be objective driven and prioritize my important stuff. I felt more efficient already. Already one week into the job and I am working like veteran. Quite acclimated with the job and people. What best is, the two important people working with me. Let's see some action! Golfer's Terrance Front view Attached whole day at pool side for mooncake festival Section C "smoking" and "kai lan" section YS doing runner, topping up our section Working at Golfer is really enjoyable, with all great colleagues. A lot from different course in Ngee Ann, and other Malaysian Full Timers. They are really all so funny, their Malaysian jokes and vulgar were so cracking funny :) $80 a day. I think I will still carry on working after school reopen. Anyway, school starting rea

30th Sept 2009 my twenty plus birthday

I am one year older, again. Hate hate hate to grow old. I wish to stay young and handsome, always. But the reality is always so harsh, looking back I see 26 years of time quietly slipped away. Reflecting back, I still haven't achieved much. However, as optimistic as I always am, I am looking forward most of the time. Everyone tend to have regrets and mistakes in the past, what most important is that we can plan our future and work double hard towards it. Someday, I will stand equivalent with other people who overtook us :) Hmmm, still many people remembered my birthday and wishes me. Not facebook reminder one okie. Remembered by heart one!! I am grateful. Thank you. Thanks so many who helped me celebrate my birthday. I just kept it small, nothings big so don't be angry if you are not invited. Not like I am throwing any party or what ") Anyway, you save the trouble of owing me a present... Hee Anyway, I am really bz to blog nowadays. Working with Yong Sheng and Liping a