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I hate children and don't want any off spring

I grew more love towards my new tumblr blog , seem like I still consistently updating daily energy into it. Short, concise and simple.  And Ya, I cause updated a new template. Talk about marriage. My parent weren't on good terms for so many years. It makes me crave to start a family early and invest my time and effort into a wholesome family. Think about going home every night with dinner ready and someone to hold up the family together and best with some children to mingle with my mother. That was how I visualize how I complete my life. Since young, I thought ideally I should be married when I was 23. Then that was when my first GF broke off with me. My status was staying single for so many years. Then I thought ideally my age of marriage should be 25, and past 25 I was still single. I postponed to 28 that was when I had my second short lived relationship. Wasn't that attached to start a family then because I am still schooling and can't support myself. Moving on my ne

Hugo boss after 10 years

Finally after 10 years, i get the favourite perfume of all time. I remember Eileen gave me one 50ml when i was like 19? Probably. And funny that out of all the senses of our body, scent is the senses that our brain retain for the longest. And make a guess which one is the shortest?? Yes you are right! Sight is the shortest sense that our brain can remember. That is why sub consciously we had to read out the telephone number out loud because hearing is a longer sense than sight so we always use our hearing to help us remember the sight of the telephone numbers :) So now, rather have to nicer smell and sexier voice because people will remember you longer using their scent and hearing. Now who say you have to dress to impress? I will be dressing up and put on my favourite perfume to go turn on some ladies tonight. P/s: remember to store your perfume away from heat source and store your perfume inside a closure to make it last longer without turning.

Mixed congee

It's sometime a mixed congee that brighten your day. It's sometime a tidying of room that touches the softness part of our heart. It doesn't have to to luxurious and complicated. Its the simple things.

Digestive 真好吃

I am addicted to digestive biscuit. Dip dip into 2 in 1 white coffee. And thats one meal. I ate it breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Was planning to go out to relief from my stressful work but then laziness got into me and end up 百里 and 谁能 the whole day. Now jackson just tag fb me the show i watched before jn shen zhen 爱情保卫战. I think i will keep watching through the night. Another sunday wasted -_-" still talking about success...

BUYINCASE is borned

BUYINCASE first time ever, revealing the back stage renovation and completion stage. First its the sourcing of location, preferably with good human traffic, hence we decided on beside the 4D! Second, do a wall floor renovation to lift up the shop brightly and clean. Move in all necessary furniture.  Fill up shop with food and mobile phone!! Next have to create a point of interest, led up with leon light for the excitement.  Extend the product outside for shy customer Be sure to keep within the yellow box Last but not least, get the best service orientated saleman and you are good to go.  These pictures spoke a thousand words and I had made it seem so easy. :) Click for redhill outlet (Closed) Click for bukit merah outlet


I am feeling lousy recently. And now I am heart broken. I don't know how to put them in words but I can't bare to let go. However, I am grate that both of us is as happy as being separated which made me a wit bit grateful about that. Sometime its not about me and also not about you. That's that. Not suitable at the time of event, either me too old for that or she too young for it. However, nutshell she is still a very nice lady. Good heart and simple. She should deserve someone better and she entitled more care and concern where others are able to provide. I should not strip her the chance to make mistake, to play, to mingle and to growth. Me. I don't deserve anyone. "I don't play well with others" - Fear T shirt.

Destination or Journey?

I am exhausted. I am not as motivated as a few years ago. Life is so difficult and I am still not buckling up to face the world with relentless assault. Sometime I ask myself. How to define success in life. I came across one old saying which I think still stand true. "Success is about the ability to do what you really want to do". Question is what do I want to do in life? I was convinced that life was not about being successful but more about the experience you pick up in between journey. Sometime I think that life purpose is not all about taking but its about able to give. Money that you can earn to the point more than you need, you will still lose motivation all together. But on the other hand, optimism and euphemism normally is the trait of loser. Sometime we had been lenient to our own life standard and when challenge came in front of us, we convince ourselves that we could live for something less. I still wonder what is the true meaning of happiness and does succ