A.I. knows love?

安堂ロイド~A.I. knows LOVE

Just finish two japanese drama. I love the A.I.人工智慧男友 by 木村。i still love japanese drama. And over korean cry dad and mum drama. Japanese tends to be shorter in 10 espiodes average. 

Or maybe its because the lead actor and actress are my favorite which i most adore. So handsome and pretty. 

Or the drama is about robot just like the US sitcom terminator sarah connor chronicles. 

Or maybe is the cute and out of place assist robot?

Or because the story is simply too romantic for me? Anyway. Simply loved it. 

Story line:

Its a story about a professor whom studied in quantum mechanics, believes in faith and love can transcend time. Using his theory he wish to protect the only things that matters to him, his lovely girlfriend even is it mean 100 years later. He was placed under killer list as him surviving will means the robot he creates in the future will come to self realization and destroy the planet, and ironically the reason for him surviving is his love for his girlfriend. That leads him being assassinated and the future robot cob will hunt down his girlfriend and kill her.

Although professor was killed in episode one but he had left his intelligence stored in a cloud and create a similar vision of himself as a robot from future to protect  his girlfriend. How the story turns out, please see the short put together clip worth only 3 minutes for your time.   



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