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You were there for me

Very sad, it had ended. Sometime alone, i think about the past, where it begin. Bittersweet. I will never forget where it had all begin. I just want to remind myself of how it end. I cannot remember where it side traced, when? How? And why? It just went bad. To a point where no matter how i try, it just cant go back to the path where we had begun. I can only tell myself to move on. I remember your smell. I remember your cuddle and i will always remember how you had once love, care and concern about me. Life will never be the same as if we had been together. The choice is made, the path had diverse and the fate had been pre destinated. I can't change how you had became but you can't change how you once was in the past. My girl. Once my girl. You will always have a place in my heart when no one can take you away. Love you once and always. May god bless you in everything. I will overcome. Time will heal. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7