Marriage scam - Nuturing love the natural way

Imagine you flip a coin. The chances of it landing out as head have the same likelihood that your marriage will last a lifetime.

Ask yourself, will you buy into an investment product that made you lose all your money 50% of the time?

Then why do we still believe marriage? Marriage history In ancient, marriage started off strategically to bind noble and ruling classes with diplomatic and economic ties. It is a treaty to establish a peaceful relationship, trading relationship and mutual obligation by marrying families together.

More recent time, marriage serves a purpose to keep our wealth contained and passing it down to our lineage. The benefit of which is to safeguard assets and to form a coalition group.

Presently, marriage is merely to satisfy peer pressure, obtain legal entry to government programs entitled for couples and to have a consist person to fulfil our sexual desires.

Wedding industries In fact, marriage is such bullshit and is so fragile. It is the only relationship in …

New role in job - corporate ladder climber

Whao, that 7 months since my last post. I joined BB since Feb 2019. 5 months into the job but I still haven't cleared my probation. They say the learning curve was steep, I don't believe. Now from the look of my KPI. I just managed to clear 10% KPI averaging over 5 months.

Many people ask if I regret leaving my last job. Why did I have to leave the job that I can do with my hand tied behind my back with big fat payroll, flexible timing so on and so fore. Honestly, I do not regret and I love the new challenge that I am facing.

First of all, promoting credit facilities had bottlenecked. I had learnt all that I need to learn and from that moment on, I am literally "working" for money. Jim Collins in his book "Good to Great" mention that for you to really find long-lasting satisfaction in your career you need to have passion, value and talent.

Real friendship and why you are wasting your time

No lifelong friends but lifelong interest.

Since young before primary school, I was a strong believer in friendship. I was always the first who initiated contact with friends after we graduate for a gathering and catching up. But to my dismay, a lot of time this kind of affection is one-sided. I was almost a bit jealous of friends who got into new clique to the new environment. It like I am having withdrawal symptom towards friends "moving on".

After secondary school, I already understand there is almost no friendship that will last forever. So I tell myself, 朋友是阶段性的。And after the army, I understand that friend is mutually beneficial and you are automatically excluded when you are no longer useful. 朋友是互相利用的。

Over time, from extorvert, I became an introvert. Excluding myself from gathering, get together, almost like social withdrawal.

Twlight zoned - The road to recovery

After the "big bang", I was rescued by 3rd Uncle who brings me back home. I was paranoid and constantly on the edge of the feeling that I was under supervision by the authorities. I constantly doing streaming on Belive and FB. A bit siao liao.

I threw a way macbook, Iphone X, passport, Iphone 7 and my favorite Addidas Blue dry fit. + many many more. I was at the airport and brought back a macbook air and Iphone X. The spending spee started.

Workplace Banking the short and sweet

I tried many interviews and ended but had 2 offers. The Dbank offers a higher basic Relation Manager, which I applied through job street. The Ubank offers a higher commission by success HR. One job is a new undertaking of new financial products the other the old credit facilities product.

Rekindle with relative - Penang George Town Wedding dinner

Congrats to my cousin for their happy marriage. This family was from my Penang side Auntie (my father sister). This family and these group of cousin is the only one left that is not residing in Singapore. Acutally, my father side family is very big.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Summary

Rich dad poor dad was the first financial book I ever read when I was a teen. It was the only book that I manage to finish reading. I was given to me by an MLM leader from Amway. I believe it was called the bible of multi-level marketing, due to the ability to influent the way you think about money.
As financial knowledge is surprising not taught in school. You are typically being taught by your parents who haven't got a clue about it either. Unless of course if they are already at the 1%. With that most of us is miseducated on financial planning.

I had made a summary of what you can find in this book below.

48 Laws of Power Robert Greene Summary

Power and influence is everything is this power hunger era. It is for people who love office politics and everyday power struggle with other leaders. It is not for the Mr nice guy, this evil and cunning book teaches you how to exploit people weakness and emotion.
With power comes more corruptions. Being powerless is as good as being helpless. Knowing these tips is inevitably going to help you since the game of power is inescapable. You need to know it to see it.

The 4 hours workweek Timothy Ferriss Summary

If rich dad poor dad is a bible to MLM, then four hour work week by Tim Ferriss is a bible to "digital nomad".Every backpacker read somehow this book. Tim Ferris is known for coining the word "Lifestyle Design" and also know to define the current mentally of the Millennium group aka The New Rich.

It centric on defining differences between financial freedom from being wealthily rich. This book talks about how to escape the 9 to 5 rat race trap and living a more meaningful which is geographically unrestricted.

Jim Carrey is crazy literally, or is he?

One of my friend Alan had point my attention to a recent article about Jim Carrey sanity and I would like to discuss a little more and provide my own insight into this episode. Jim is one of my idols and he is famous for his role in ACE ventura and The Mask. He is of course known to be a comedian later turn into a inspirational figure to many as he is also a two time winner of oscar.

The purpose of my articles is the Jim Carrey shares a lot of common attritubes as me, of course excluding the measurement of success and influent. I am definitely not remotely suggest I am like Jim carrey. I would like to use his story as a reminder to take away for myself.

Ho Chi Minh Unlearn everything and start everything again

When I was younger around 12, in my head is all about thinking to age faster till 18 so that I will have the freedom that I had always hoped for. After my parent let go of me and I finally get to decide what I want to do with my life. Instead of heading towards freedom, I am slowly getting trapped.
Where are you now, Gary

Return to innocent


Making 唱吧 MV just by using an Iphone

Now I love to do home made MV using own footage and own recording for around 1 minute. Below are 2 that I had made using just handphone Iphone.

If that are people who wants to do the same let me know so that I can make a tutorial for that. And share what are the software that I am using.


Minimalism is the new Materialism

Minimalism is the new materialism. In short minimalism is the idea of living with less things that distracts you. You more you reduce your choices and options the less time you spend making them.

Minimalism isn't about living without money; that's poverty, but its about living rich enough to be able to live like a poor person who values experience over possession. Come to think of it, experience and possession which do you think is more permanent? Furthermore another benefit of being minimalist is having lesser things to lose.

Why am I always so happy?

There are many definition to happiness. I had been searching for the ultimate definition for my whole life while I maintained positively most of the time. I realise I am always happy and there are really very little that can make me sad.

Sandy and Tracy came from Hanoi to Singapore and its 3 years apart

Its not like 8 years ago that I had time to write blog for my poly friend to read cause now there are seldom people following my blog and no one cares about my writing anymore. So the style of writing will be from a much wordy post to something like more visual.

I am into photography 8 years ago and now I am into videography. Also I am not professional and I don't even think I can pass of as someone worthy as an amateur. I just like what I am doing and it doesn't matter if I am good at it or not cause I just enjoyed.

Now this post is to feature Sandy and Tracy whom came to Singapore after 3 years when I last saw them in Hanoi. They hosted me 6 days last time and now I am here to return them the favour.

HCM and Vung Tau trip

2nd HCM of the year after phi phi Island last month, I am off to HcM to attend a friend wedding. Although that are mishap to our plan but we are still a fun group to be around with.

Minimalist packing list for urban traveller

Many love to travel. Some on holidays inbetween breaks and some like longer term travelling. Specially the new age of the term "digital nomad" a lot of people love to travel and working both remotely.

For long term travel, I love to break them into 3 categories.

The only way to find out is to try out : Phuket + Phi Phi Island

Less than 24 hours of notice I was inform by my friend that the next day they will be flying to Phuket. I made an instant business decision to make a flight booking to go. And I had made it an one way ticket albeit the air ticket was much more expensive.

For 3 reason I made this trip on one way travel. First is the spontaneous and doing what comes up on my mind, isn't this what we had been imagining doing when we are very young and was always put on hold? Second, my career is in a mess now and I had been spending time at home to watch drama to so I ask why not just do the watching oversea and I might kick the habit of watching drama. Third, I want to know why backpacker and lone traveler can spend so long 3 months and up oversea? How do they pack, lives, earn and survive? The only way to find out is to try out. Wah. This quote I coined.
"The only way to find out is to try out" - Gary Ng
For these 3 days I have my friend accompany me, thereafter i will be on my own, there…

Tribute to "Monday Couple" on Running Man

Running man had been a favour variety show in Korean for almost 7 years but I only start watching them when their program had been cancelled. It was just a very random opportunity that make me watch running man and not because their news on cancellation.

Running man was first aired on July 2010 and I only happen to watch them in April 2017. And like most of the fan out there I was so 100% behind the famous Monday Couple. Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo but they stories was not all cherry merry.

Below I shared a short 13 minutes on how these couple love developed in the first few episodes where Gary was the aggressor and express his love to Ji Hyo relentlessly till half way 100+ episodes where their on screen relationship was brought to a halt where Ji Hyo dated her company CEO in her real life. Things became awkward between them on running man.

Of course Ji Hyo and her CEO relationship was not long last and they soon become close again. "I lives in Kang Gary" - Song Ji Hyo and th…