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Golden Mile Complex with Qinghe & Jiayi (E-PL1 sample pic)

Image courtesy by Oly E-PL1 (Night Shoot) For so long, then have the time to catch up with old buddy. Met Qing He and Jiayi for an impromptu outing. Our style is going to meet without a specific place to go, no plan, no itinerary, only plain fun. Went to tampines to buy my bio filter for my crayfish. Shop a while and hunt for cafe. Stop for some dessert.

Olympus E-PL micro 4/3 pros over DSLR (sample shot)

Are we all getting tired with how DSLR present itself aesthetically? Its 2011 and people going crazy over DSLR everywhere. Luckily, the new Micro 4/3 comes to put ends to our misery. What we are looking is the Single Lens performance with retro looks and compact sizes.  Micro 4/3 has many companies come together with standard lens that you can interchange in-between . It's open ecosystem ensure that even if you are Olympus, you are still enable to mount Panasonic, Lumix, Kodak etc 4/3 lens to it. For canon fanboy, do not be disappointed. There are also adapter rings for your to mount your favorite canon lens up. Nice~~ E-PL 1 in build censor shift right into its body , so you don't have to rely solely on expensive lens with Image Stabilization to get your blurriness picture. You will ensure crystal clear picture (3 stops) with any Tom Dick Harry lens. Mount the most peculiar lens up, the possibilities now are endless. Okie lah, bounded by your imagination. :)  Anyway, thi

My Union dinner 2011

My reunion dinner, self cook. Salmon fish, Sotong, Prawns, KanGong and Rice. Is the best meal,  we had together for so long. I have quite a bit to update here, but I wish to keep them short. Li Ping E-PL 1 review shortly after this post.  Sometime back, we went to Boat Quay for dinner at one random Mexican restaurant. Good is bad so we just both enjoy the ambient and each other accompany.

Don't assume you knew before you even asked

UPDATES: The dark cloud clears after the rain and of course, I am wrong about her. Turns out, I am the one more paranoid and ya, I should not draw to conclusion this early. She is not talking about me. If "you" is referring to me (which I positively thought), then I ma super pissed. Why am I always getting these kind of wrong accusation? If you are in doubt about me, please ask. Don't assume. If never picking up your call at 12 doesn't means that I am ignoring you. Could it occurs to you that I might be busy or the phone is not with me? For this case, I am sleeping. Is sleeping till 4pm a crime? Give some respect to me. Don't like taking all this for granted. Am I always obligated to handle all this drama? The problem is all about you drawing to conclusion to soon, without even bothered to ask me about my problem. All negativity thoughts. Is talking about a problem so difficult that you have to completely ignore that and accuse me base on your assumpti

Mexican : Cha Cha Cha at Holland Villiage

Today finally have the chance to eat out at Mexican restaurant. I remember the first time I ate Mex was during attachment at Australia. I was hooked and have been wanting more. Not really getting a chance to eat here in Singapore, very rare occasion we can stumble in front of it and say "Hey, let's eat Mexican today". Today die die must go and try, hit up the net and Cha Cha Cha returns relatively prior on the result list. So its Cha cha cha time :) We pretty much went in clueless as in what kind of food to look for. You know, I had the thing about the one which looks like prata you have to wrap up yourself, with some beef, cheeze, sources at the sides, especially the sour cream source, you know, you know... I guess you are pretty much as clueless as I was.. See what we have for dinner :)