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Making 唱吧 MV just by using an Iphone

Now I love to do home made MV using own footage and own recording for around 1 minute. Below are 2 that I had made using just handphone Iphone. If that are people who wants to do the same let me know so that I can make a tutorial for that. And share what are the software that I am using. 本片纯属虚构,如有雷同,实属巧合。

Minimalism is the new Materialism

Minimalism is the new materialism. In short minimalism is the idea of living with less things that distracts you. You more you reduce your choices and options the less time you spend making them. Minimalism isn't about living without money; that's poverty, but its about living rich enough to be able to live like a poor person who values experience over possession. Come to think of it, experience and possession which do you think is more permanent? Furthermore another benefit of being minimalist is having lesser things to lose.

Why am I always so happy?

There are many definition to happiness. I had been searching for the ultimate definition for my whole life while I maintained positively most of the time. I realise I am always happy and there are really very little that can make me sad.

Sandy and Tracy came from Hanoi to Singapore and its 3 years apart

Its not like 8 years ago that I had time to write blog for my poly friend to read cause now there are seldom people following my blog and no one cares about my writing anymore. So the style of writing will be from a much wordy post to something like more visual. I am into photography 8 years ago and now I am into videography. Also I am not professional and I don't even think I can pass of as someone worthy as an amateur. I just like what I am doing and it doesn't matter if I am good at it or not cause I just enjoyed. Now this post is to feature Sandy and Tracy whom came to Singapore after 3 years when I last saw them in Hanoi. They hosted me 6 days last time and now I am here to return them the favour.

HCM and Vung Tau trip

2nd HCM of the year after phi phi Island last month, I am off to HcM to attend a friend wedding. Although that are mishap to our plan but we are still a fun group to be around with.