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Mobile Log March

It has been getting harder and harder to blog regularly, hasn't it. Since work, I have no luxury of time to be by my own, pondering over stuffs. Although not back to back busy, but just something there to distract me enough to neglect my blog. I do not want to end this legacy that I have been holding on for so long. So I might have to "tweak" around for another solution. Blogging within 160 letters, like how twitter works. But using my Samsung Wave S8500. A wonderful application called Dairy. New Black Lobster, my aquarium pet Liu tong farewall at $10 KTV Project shop bag lost and found Sembcorp Company Dinner and Dance 2011 See, that's easy. It could be a weekly update so I will not forget great event that happened :)

A day with egg tarts and Sashimi

One fine day with the urge to eat egg tart, so jio CLP to run "around" Singapore to grab some nice bite. Head down to Chinatown to eat "Dong Heng" Egg tart. Got lost a little and finally found it opposite the Hindu Temple the Mei Si Jie. So after getting my fix. I crave for a up of coffee, without much of a choice in Singapore, reluctantly went to Chinatown Point to get coffee bean tea latte. Suck cock. Totally taste like puke from yesterday night. Starbuck jitao dominate the green tea latte.   Went into people's park to see some kitchen product demo, a juice and blender mixer. Well turn back once we realize the price to be $69.90. After that hunt around and then got hungry again. CLP suggest to get some Sashimi. So with my Iphone hunt down the popular jap restaurant Ikoi. Daily Sashimi buffet at $45 nett. Inclusive of payable tax and compulsory tip. 7% + 10%. GE2011 coming and I am going to vote for SDP if any as their shadow budget promise to reduce tax t